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TrueNAS Debug

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Last Modified 2021-03-24 13:57 EDT

Creating a Debug File

The TrueNAS web interface allows saving debugging information to a text file.

Go to System > Advanced and click SAVE DEBUG. A dialog prompts that This operation might take a long time. Proceed?. You won’t be able to click options in the web interface while the debug file is created. Click PROCEED to begin collecting system information into a debug file. Debug file creation progress is shown in a dialog.

When the debug file is complete, a dialog opens to save it to a location on your local system (i.e. Downloads, Documents etc.) or the file is automatically added to the location you specified for downloaded files.

Debugging information is collected by the freenas-debug command line utility. A copy of the information is saved to /var/tmp/fndebug.

TrueNAS SCALE has an identical process in System Settings > Advanced.

Adding a Debug File to a Report

Jira provides a secure area for uploading files with sensitive information, like a system debug.

Drag and drop the file into the Private Attachment box:


Clicking browse opens a local system file browser for selecting the file.

Open the ticket in your browser and find the Attachments section.


Click the + to open a dialog for adding a new file to the secure area.


Drag and drop the file, add any comments about it, then click Attach.

Uploads in the Private section are only visible to project developers. These files are also removed when the ticket is closed.