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Bugs and Features

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Last Modified 2021-08-23 14:10 EDT

iXsystems uses Jira for bug tracking and feature development. Public issues are viewable without logging in, but you will need to create a Jira account to report bugs or suggest features.

TrueNAS Jira Project

Bug Reports

Go to the TrueNAS project on Jira and click Create in the top bar.

Create Ticket

Set the Issue Type to Bug and form reloads with more fields. Most of the fields are used by the developers, but fill out the Summary and Description to provide a useful report:

The Summary is a short, descriptive title that helps developers find the issue and understand the topic.


The Description is for specific issue details.


A good bug report includes these elements:

  • A “to the point” description of the issue. Try to clearly describe the problem that was encountered.

  • Reproducing the issue. This can be a simple bullet point list of the steps you took to see the issue.

  • What should have happened. Explain what you expected to happen while taking the steps listed above.

  • What did happen. Describe what actually happened while taking the steps listed above.

  • Software version. The TrueNAS Dashboard shows the installed version

  • Current configuration. When the bug is related to a service, include the current configuration of the service. This helps the developers reproduce your system as close as possible.

  • Debugs and console logs. Always include a TrueNAS Debug file and, if the error is a web interface issue, please include a console log. When unsure how to save these, refer to Creating a Debug and Saving the Console Log

  • Screenshots When the bug is a web interface glitch or a formatting problem, screenshots are very helpful.

  • Video When screenshots do not adequately show the issue, you can include a video recording of the issue.

  • Additional information. When there is any additional details that you think can be helpful for the developer investigation, please include it.

When finished filling out the Description, click Create at the bottom of the form.

Submit Ticket

The ticket will be reviewed and updated when any additional information is needed. The Jira account receives emails about the ticket status. Check the ticket periodically as developers can request additional details as they work to resolve the issue.

Feature Suggestions

Want to see a new feature added to TrueNAS? You can see and vote for community proposed features in the TrueNAS Jira project and make your own feature suggestions. To see the list of features that have been proposed by the community, go to the TrueNAS Jira project and search for open suggestions. If you find a suggestion that you would also like to see implemented, open that ticket and click Vote for this issue in the People section of the ticket.


To suggest a new feature, go to https://jira.ixsystems.com/projects/NAS/, log in to your Jira account, and click Create.


Enter a brief Summary and describe the new feature you’d like to see added to the software. After your feature suggestion is created, it will move to the Gathering Interest stage, where the rest of the community can review and vote for the feature. When enough interest has been shown, the TrueNAS Release Council will review the suggestion for feasibility and find where to add the feature in the software roadmap.

Security Issues

Previous security reports are published to https://security.truenas.com/.

Due to their sensitive nature, security issues are not reported on public issue trackers. If you have discovered a suspected security vulnerability in the latest version of a software release, you can report this directly to the Security Team.