June 8, 2021

TrueCommand 2.0 is now available after completing its BETA phase. Significant new features include:

  • Faster Time-Series Database
  • Real-Time Stats & Analysis
  • Storage Navigator
  • iSCSI Manager
  • Improved System-Down Alerts
  • Secure Web-Proxy for Cloud
  • TrueNAS SCALE cluster UI

TrueCommand 2.0 uses a much faster and lightweight InfluxDB instead of a PostgreSQL database. This time-series database improves general performance and specifically improves the performance of Cloud instances significantly. This extra performance gives TrueCommand the ability to monitor real-time, per-second statistics rather than the previous 30 second intervals without changing the network bandwidth significantly. These additions dramatically improve the ability to diagnose occasional performance issues and their root causes.

With all these additions, TrueCommand 2.0 is the single pane of glass for:

  • TrueNAS CORE: Manage systems on standard servers, Minis, or even AWS.
  • TrueNAS Enterprise: Manage X-Series and M-Series systems with High Availability.
  • TrueNAS SCALE: Manage a group of systems running a TrueNAS SCALE cluster.

2.0 Changelog

New Feature

  • [TC-1622] - Umbrella for cluster dataset management UI/MW
  • [TC-1637] - Umbrella for all iscsi management-related tickets
  • [TC-1283] - Anonymous usage stats (Submission)
  • [TC-1635] - TC Services/Install scripts
  • [TC-1677] - Confirm Dialog -- need enhancements for data protection
  • [TC-1709] - Add Disable for usage reporting to admin page


  • [TC-1718] - Organize dialogs into three categories
  • [TC-1728] - Enhance initial load
  • [TC-1577] - UI suggestions / issues
  • [TC-1578] - iSCSI Delete option
  • [TC-1624] - Progress indicatios during cluster dataset creation
  • [TC-1625] - Cluster dataset deletion
  • [TC-1626] - Add navigation shortcut to Cluster Manager
  • [TC-1643] - NAS Gluster APIs Update
  • [TC-1649] - IP mapping fixes and other data flow issues
  • [TC-1656] - Config Backup Dialog Box has no tooltips for icons
  • [TC-1710] - Cleanup Dashboard card: Rework network/disk meters.

Cluster Volumes

Cluster Volumes is a brand new feature for systems installed with the latest TrueNAS SCALE Alpha versions. TrueNAS SCALE is still in ALPHA/BETA, so this feature should be used cautiously.

Bug Fixes

  • [TC-1721] - Active shares not shown in dashboard
  • [TC-1748] - Uptime appears incorrect on dashboard
  • [TC-1602] - Can't connect to TrueNAS-12.0-U2.1 with HTTP to HTTPS redirect enabled
  • [TC-1640] - Incorrect TrueCommand Email Alert Subject Lines
  • [TC-1650] - Save/Cancel buttons in configuration dialog not active
  • [TC-1670] - Description is not saved when creating/editing a Report

2.0.1 Changelog

Maintenance Release 1 of version 2.0 (June 23rd, 2021)

  • [TC-1758] - Error changing user passwords as Admin
  • [TC-1760] - Dashboard alert counters out of sync
  • [TC-1762] - Can't configure number of config db backups.
  • [TC-1763] - Visual indicators for activities such as resilver and scrub are missing
  • [TC-1765] - Standardize measurement units on dashboard
  • [TC-1767] - Alert Rules UI issues
  • [TC-1771] - Excessive space prediction alerts
  • [TC-1769] - Disk activity reporting widget appears broken
  • [TC-1779] - Reports: Custom chart widgets appear to be missing the save button.

2.0.2 Changelog

Maintenance Release 2 of version 2.0 (August 16th, 2021)


  • [TC-1785] - Paused alert rules start after update
  • [TC-1788] - Systems from 12.0 should show JAILS instead of APPs on their system card
  • [TC-1790] - SSL Certificate Installation Failure
  • [TC-1793] - Net Speed, Disk Write, and Disk Used graphs are reporting inflated numbers
  • [TC-1799] - Unable to configure local CA or systems using DNS names
  • [TC-1759] - Use registered DNS Hostname for NAS Portal URL instead of IP
  • [TC-1795] - Rename the "NAS Portal" option
  • [TC-1796] - Need more status animations

New Feature

  • [TC-1792] - Hardware Information on Dash with new System Inventory Page

To Download this Release

Login to the TrueCommand Account Portal for downloads, documentation links, and licensing options. For storage clusters with more than 50 disks, the account portal also offers a free 60-day trial license with unlimited disks.

Minimum Supported TrueNAS Versions

Due to the changes in integrating with the TrueNAS middleware, the minimum version for full-support of functionality has changed with TrueCommand 2.0:

  • FreeNAS/TrueNAS 11.3 series - No longer supported. Does not provide realtime statistics or storage information, but you can still connect to them and use TrueCommand to initiate updates.
  • TrueNAS 12 CORE/Enterprise - Supported after 12.0-U3. 12.0-U2.1 and older are missing some key metrics in the realtime stats (disk/network usage metrics in particular), but work otherwise.
  • TrueNAS SCALE 21.03+ - Fully Supported (SCALE-20.12+ is supported excluding cluster functionality)

To Update to this Release

Important Note for Upgrading from v1.3

Updating from TrueCommand v1.3 to v2.0 involves a database migration process. This preserves all configuration data, but does not preserve old performance statistics. Additionally, it is not possible to roll back to TrueCommand v1.3 from v2.0. Please use caution when upgrading production TrueCommand systems. If necessary, run TrueCommand 1.3 and TrueCommand 2.0 in parallel for a transition period. Simply use the “ixsystems/truecommand:1.3.2” docker image to continue using that specific version of TrueCommand.

Docker: Re-run docker pull ixsystems/truecommand to fetch the latest version of TrueCommand, and then restart your docker instance.

VM Image: Either reboot the VM or run systemctl restart truecommand.service. This will automatically fetch and start the latest Docker image of TrueCommand within your VM.