May 4, 2021

TrueCommand 2.0 is now available in BETA and extends TrueCommand to manage, create, and delete datasets and snapshots. TrueNAS SCALE clusters and their datasets can also be created and managed. Many other improvements significantly simplify storage operations and dramatically improve performance and responsiveness. TrueCommand 2.0 is expected to be released in June.

2.0 greatly improves the predictability, reliability, and total cost of ownership of production systems. Significant new features include:

  • Faster Database
  • Real-Time Stats
  • Storage Navigator
  • iSCSI Manager
  • Improved System-Down alerts
  • Secure Web-Proxy for Cloud
  • TrueNAS SCALE cluster UI

TrueCommand was launched in 2019 as a single pane of glass management system for TrueNAS fleets. TrueCommand 1.3 has been adopted by well over three thousand organizations to manage their NAS fleets. TrueCommand is deployed as a Container, as a VM, or as the TrueCommand Cloud service. TrueCommand is free for users with less than 50 drives and is very affordable for larger organizations, where TrueCommand coordinates a team of people to manage many systems on a 24 x 365 basis.

2.0-Beta Changelog

New Feature

  • [TC-1622] - Umbrella for cluster dataset management UI/MW
  • [TC-1637] - Umbrella for all iscsi management-related tickets
  • [TC-1283] - Anonymous usage stats (Submission)
  • [TC-1635] - TC Services/Install scripts
  • [TC-1677] - Confirm Dialog -- need enhancements for data protection
  • [TC-1709] - Add Disable for usage reporting to admin page


  • [TC-1577] - UI suggestions / issues
  • [TC-1578] - iSCSI Delete option
  • [TC-1624] - Progress indicatios during cluster dataset creation
  • [TC-1625] - Cluster dataset deletion
  • [TC-1626] - Add navigation shortcut to Cluster Manager
  • [TC-1643] - NAS Gluster APIs Update
  • [TC-1649] - IP mapping fixes and other data flow issues
  • [TC-1656] - Config Backup Dialog Box has no tooltips for icons
  • [TC-1710] - Cleanup Dashboard card: Rework network/disk meters.

Bug Fixes

  • [TC-1602] - Can't connect to TrueNAS-12.0-U2.1 with HTTP to HTTPS redirect enabled
  • [TC-1640] - Incorrect TrueCommand Email Alert Subject Lines
  • [TC-1650] - Save/Cancel buttons in configuration dialog not active
  • [TC-1670] - Description is not saved when creating/editing a Report

Known Issues

NAS-110413The UI is misreading the schedule for a Snapshot Task from True Command.
Cluster Volumes.This is a brand new feature and is still being polished. Please report bugs to our ticket system.
iSCSI Management.This is a brand new feature and is still being polished. Please report bugs to our ticket system.

To Download this Release

Login to the TrueCommand Account Portal for downloads, documentation links, and licensing options. For storage clusters with more than 50 disks, the account portal also offers a free 60-day trial license with unlimited disks.

To Update to this Release

Docker: Re-run docker pull ixsystems/truecommand:2.0_beta to fetch this version of TrueCommand, and then restart your docker instance.

Pre-Release Testing Version. This is a BETA release and is not recommended for production systems.