February 18, 2020

The TrueCommand team is pleased to release TrueCommand version 1.2.

TrueCommand as a “Docker” container TrueCommand is now being distributed as a Docker container! By switching from a full OS-appliance to a container, TrueCommand gains several new features:

  • Deploy TrueCommand on any major OS: No virtual machine infrastructure required!

    • Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.
    • Installation is simple and very fast!
  • Safe and fast updates

    • Updating TrueCommand is now two operations: docker pull and restarting the container.
    • There are no version migrations or long downloads for TrueCommand docker installations! Only a single migration process is required for existing TrueCommand 1.1 (or earlier) installations to begin using the Docker container deployment.
  • Smaller footprint

    • TrueCommand uses even fewer host system resources.
    • This is much better for long-term deployments and scale-ability.

Upgrading From v1.1 or Earlier

A migration routine will need to be performed to upgrade from an older version of TrueCommand (1.1 or older) to the new docker-based versions of TrueCommand (1.2+). This migration routine is a simple process of copying existing TrueCommmand configuration files to the Docker container file location. For more details about the migration procedure, please see the TrueCommand 1.2 User Guide.


  • The NAS config backup/restore functionality no longer requires a licensed version of TrueCommand.
  • AD/LDAP updates:
    • Ensure compatibility with upcoming changes from Microsoft around stricter connection handling in active directory environments.
    • Default to a higher level of security with an option to lower as needed for compatibility with other environments.
    • Remove the LDAP settings from user accounts in the UI (still available in API’s) to simplify AD/LDAP connection setup.
  • Smoother updates: All the built-in update mechanisms have been removed in favor of using Docker’s update routine.
  • Additional NAS connection streamlining to ensure even better scale-ability.
  • Update NAS alert forwarding routines to improve compatibility with FreeNAS/TrueNAS 11.3.
  • Update the TrueCommand disk count procedure to only count the disks that are actually associated with a storage pool instead of all the disks attached to the system.
  • Reporting updates:
    • Charts report date ranges and labels dynamically.
    • Other cosmetic updates to reports and the sharing system.

Tickets can be viewed at our TrueCommand Open Issues page.