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Last Modified 2022-04-05 15:50 EDT

February 18, 2020

The TrueCommand team is pleased to release TrueCommand version 1.2.

TrueCommand as a “Docker” container TrueCommand is now being distributed as a Docker container! By switching from a full OS-appliance to a container, TrueCommand gains several new features:

  • Deploy TrueCommand on any major OS: No virtual machine infrastructure required!

    • Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.
    • Installation is simple and very fast!
  • Safe and fast updates

    • Updating TrueCommand is now two operations: docker pull and restarting the container.
    • There are no version migrations or long downloads for TrueCommand docker installations! Only a single migration process is required for existing TrueCommand 1.1 (or earlier) installations to begin using the Docker container deployment.
  • Smaller footprint

    • TrueCommand uses even fewer host system resources.
    • This is much better for long-term deployments and scale-ability.

Upgrading From v1.1 or Earlier

A migration routine will need to be performed to upgrade from an older version of TrueCommand (1.1 or older) to the new docker-based versions of TrueCommand (1.2+). This migration routine is a simple process of copying existing TrueCommmand configuration files to the Docker container file location. For more details about the migration procedure, please see the TrueCommand 1.2 User Guide.


  • The NAS config backup/restore functionality no longer requires a licensed version of TrueCommand.
  • AD/LDAP updates:
    • Ensure compatibility with upcoming changes from Microsoft around stricter connection handling in active directory environments.
    • Default to a higher level of security with an option to lower as needed for compatibility with other environments.
    • Remove the LDAP settings from user accounts in the UI (still available in API’s) to simplify AD/LDAP connection setup.
  • Smoother updates: All the built-in update mechanisms have been removed in favor of using Docker’s update routine.
  • Additional NAS connection streamlining to ensure even better scale-ability.
  • Update NAS alert forwarding routines to improve compatibility with FreeNAS/TrueNAS 11.3.
  • Update the TrueCommand disk count procedure to only count the disks that are actually associated with a storage pool instead of all the disks attached to the system.
  • Reporting updates:
    • Charts report date ranges and labels dynamically.
    • Other cosmetic updates to reports and the sharing system.

Tickets can be viewed at our TrueCommand Open Issues page.

Have more questions or want to discuss your specific configuration? For further discussion or assistance, see these resources:

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