November 12, 2019

The TrueCommand team is pleased to announce the general availability of TrueCommand version 1.1.

Update Notice: There will be two updates required to move to this version. A minor revision to the 1.0 release train (tagged 1.0-U2) is the first step. When the system boots after finishing the 1.0-U2 update, start the update to the 1.1 version train to complete the update process.

TrueCommand 1.1 has several brand-new features along with a full set of updates and bugfixes:

TrueCommand reporting has been completely rebuilt for version 1.1. The new reporting system allows defining custom reports, sharing reports between users, and includes an entire chart library for custom reports.

The alert notification feature has been reworked as system plugins. A TrueCommand administrator can install alert “plugins” that are later configured by individual user accounts. Each TrueCommand user can now configure their alert notifications according to their specific needs. There are email and PagerDuty plugins available, but more external notification service plugins will be added for all TrueCommand systems running v1.1 or later.

System-wide LDAP settings are available in TrueCommand. This allows users to be dynamically created and assigned to teams when they log in to TrueCommand for the first time.

System audit logs have been added for connected FreeNAS 11.3+ systems. These logs show when configuration changes have been made to a system and a timeline of system access by TrueCommand users.

TrueCommand has added NAS configuration backup and restore functionality. By default, the configuration backup is triggered any time a NAS audit log change is detected (FreeNAS 11.3+), or can manually be requested (FreeNAS 11.2+). This feature requires a valid, non-expired license from iXsystems.


Each of these are top-level “epic” tickets on the TrueCommand bug tracker with collections of changes contained within them. See the ticket for the detailed breakdown of all the changes contained within.

  • [TC-1044] – General Optimizations and Bugfixes
  • [TC-1017] – Installer and TTY Config Updates
  • [TC-1014] – Alert System Overhaul
  • [TC-1015] – Custom Reports Overhaul
  • [TC-1054] – LDAP System Integration
  • [TC-1048] – Non-NAS system support
  • [TC-1051] – NAS Audit Logs
  • [TC-1079] – Update Management
  • [TC-1099] – New License Feature: NAS DB Backup/Restore

Tickets can be viewed at our TrueCommand Open Issues page.