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Last Modified 2022-04-05 15:50 EDT

June 11, 2019

The TrueCommand development team is pleased to announce the general availability of TrueCommand 1.0-RELEASE.

This is a brand-new product from iXsystems that streamlines multi-system administration for teams of system administrators and large deployments of FreeNAS and TrueNAS systems. Beta testers are encouraged to upgrade to the official release as soon as possible to enable new capabilities including handling SSL settings and connection procedures.

Known Issues

When updating from the 1.0-Beta version of TrueCommand, the updater must be run twice to complete the process:

From the web interface: go to the Dashboard, then go back to the Administration/Updates page. Restart the update procedure. If the web interface does not show an option to start the update again, press F5 to refresh the browser.

When updating via the command line: run sysup -update to restart the update procedure. Then run shutdown -r now to reboot the system after the update has completed.


New Features

  • [TC-879] – TC system configuration
  • [TC-881] – TTY Config: SSHD configuration
  • [TC-882] – Setup update train configuration
  • [TC-911] – UI: Dataset Info Updates
  • [TC-914] – UI: Show support/license status of NAS.
  • [TC-941] – New UI Page: TC system configuration
  • [TC-944] – Provide URL access to online documentation.
  • [TC-967] – Reboot status page Improvements
  • [TC-857] – Logs — Teams card
  • [TC-889] – Re-arrange Team edit page to match user edit
  • [TC-890] – UI: Add ability to rename team/group
  • [TC-901] – Smaller HW images for system overview cards
  • [TC-903] – Charts — tooltip for hovered point; sort legend items by value, not name
  • [TC-904] – Data source selector — allow only one system to be expanded at a time
  • [TC-906] – Logs — auto-refresh on date range selection
  • [TC-942] – Add ability to rename system groups
  • [TC-945] – In the license add number of used disks and systems
  • [TC-947] – Built-in docs: Add FAQ section
  • [TC-951] – Change default avatars for users/teams
  • [TC-953] – Switch the NAS UI-launcher to an iframe launcher
  • [TC-954] – Reboot scheduled notification badge
  • [TC-955] – Add administrator button: reboot TC
  • [TC-956] – Reboot schedule customization
  • [TC-957] – New fields on license page
  • [TC-961] – Additional SSL cert handling options
  • [TC-973] – SSL Configuration Options Bug Fixes
  • [TC-873] – Reporting page is getting hung up.
  • [TC-891] – UI: Clarify “admin” option on user profile/creation.
  • [TC-892] – UI: First-user dialog: make TOC a “visible” link
  • [TC-893] – Inconsistent button appearence in Edit pages
  • [TC-894] – UI: Create report/chart dialog not scrollable
  • [TC-895] – UI: No-Auth Email setup
  • [TC-896] – UI: System IP validation should allow port number
  • [TC-897] – UI: IP truncation
  • [TC-905] – Include full data source list in data-source-selector component
  • [TC-919] – UI: Detect when an update is already running
  • [TC-920] – Empty groups cannot be deleted
  • [TC-922] – Tab goes blank if left for a while
  • [TC-932] – System groups can be created when they already exist
  • [TC-934] – Editing the system information requires re-entering the password
  • [TC-938] – Updates have no confirmation or status
  • [TC-939] – Browser cache invalid after update reboot
  • [TC-948] – Update license/info API documentation
  • [TC-949] – Alert Notices: Filter box does not do anything
  • [TC-950] – Middleware log needs to be scrollable
  • [TC-952] – Dashboard Panel: Alert numbers out-of-sync
  • [TC-960] – Alert Notice Table: Filtering Mechanisms
  • [TC-964] – Make sure sidenav container allows overflow
  • [TC-965] – Alert notice table layout breaks at smaller widths
  • [TC-966] – After updating FreeNAS systems, TrueCommand showed system as offline
  • [TC-968] – iframe issues
  • [TC-975] – User profile menu is ambiguous and has issues
  • [TC-978] – User screen button and checkmark problems
  • [TC-979] – New System slide panel cannot be canceled with ESC
  • [TC-982] – Teams cache not updating after adding member to team at user creation step
  • [TC-984] – System icon missing in alert panel

Tickets can be viewed at our TrueCommand Open Issues page.