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Last Modified 2022-04-05 15:50 EDT

June 9, 2020

iXsystems is pleased to release Update 3.2 for TrueNAS 11.3! TrueNAS 11.3-U3.2 is a maintenance release that includes all the bug fixes and quality of life improvements from the FreeNAS 11.3-U3, 11.3-U3.1, and 11.3-U3.2 releases. Notable TrueNAS-specific improvements include fixes to the debug file output, network interfaces settings rollback for High Availability (HA) systems, alert system bugs, and a fix for the HA Disabled icon.

Known Issues

Saving a Link Aggregation (lagg) in the new UI requires setting a Failover Group, VHID, and IP addresses for the lagg, which can prevent creating a vlan lagg on an HA system (NAS-106366).


For HA systems with TrueNAS 11.3-U3.2 and previous versions of TrueNAS that include the new UI, switch to the legacy UI when configuring a vlan lagg:

In the new UI, go to System > Advanced, set Enable Legacy User Interface, and click Save.

To log in to the Legacy UI, log out of the new UI, and click the “Legacy User Interface” button on the login screen.

To create a lagg in the legacy UI, go to Network > Link Aggregations and click Add Link Aggregation.


The UI can become unresponsive after upgrading (NAS-104277).


Clear the site data and refresh the page (Shift + F5).


  • NAS-106084 filter out smbd messages in syslog-ng HA config
  • NAS-106049 Fix regression in SMB configuration during system dataset move
  • NAS-106044 Update from 11.2 to 11.3 on HA system leads to ping-pong failovers
  • NAS-106040 Fix killing healthy replication when receive_resume_token does not work
  • NAS-106039 Fix giant SSH login failure alert
  • NAS-106025 Expose enclosure element human-readable value…
  • NAS-106006 Improve formatting and verbosity of AD error messages
  • NAS-105998 Fix quota test
  • NAS-105997 unify fenced logging formatter
  • NAS-105980 Improve validation errors in LDAP plugin
  • NAS-105970 Extend null for SMB bindip into empty list
  • NAS-105965 interface.rollback() is removing all entries in network_interfaces on standby controller
  • NAS-105964 webUI does not refresh after a rollback occurs
  • NAS-105963 unnecessary network rollback dialog boxes
  • NAS-105960 verbiage is wrong for apply changes in network section of webUI
  • NAS-105959 “Pending Network Changes” doesn’t show up in 11.3 UI on deletion of interface
  • NAS-105958 unable to delete interfaces in 11.3
  • NAS-105957 Add to debug
  • NAS-105956 Either sec=sys or sec=krb5(i,p) work but not both
  • NAS-105952 Usernames can’t be changed in 11.3
  • NAS-105951 Add slight optimizations for adding user accounts
  • NAS-105942 Quota exceeded on dataset
  • NAS-105940 Impossible to override some rc.conf variables.
  • NAS-105927 Replace all helptext Guide links
  • NAS-105916 Replication task doesn’t show read only status
  • NAS-105911 Time machine over SMB broken
  • NAS-105909 Top and bottom banner overlay scrollbar
  • NAS-105907 Updating a jail/plugin requires a page reload
  • NAS-105906 Only try to retrieve attachments for pools which are in available state
  • NAS-105904 Fix broken link in New Pool Encryption help text
  • NAS-105891 [EFAULT] unable to open database file
  • NAS-105877 fix update dialog box verbiage
  • NAS-105876 traceback in alert system on M50 HA system
  • NAS-105874 Kernel panic on device capacity change
  • NAS-105870 Custom replication task schedule is being ignored
  • NAS-105862 Unlocked a pool with the recovery key causes UI to double-list pools
  • NAS-105858 TrueNAS 11.3-U2 HA debugs cannot be attached to gmail
  • NAS-105853 Re-join active directory if user deleted our computer object
  • NAS-105845 Clean distutils dir cache before copy_tree
  • NAS-105837 Merge FreeBSD SA-20:10/12-15 and EN-20:07-08/10
  • NAS-105836 middlewared
  • NAS-105835 SMB fails to start
  • NAS-105833 Remove legacy samba4 alert
  • NAS-105802 CA import broken in 11.3U1/U2
  • NAS-105800 Task manager reports jobs as running whereas they have finished executing
  • NAS-105792 FreeNAS sending alert mails although alert frequency is set to “never”
  • NAS-105790 Cannot connect to CIFS share after upgrade to FreeNAS-11.3-U2
  • NAS-105785 Failed to check for alert IPMISEL (and IPMISELSpaceLeft) alert mail
  • NAS-105782 cannot decrypt pool / all partition tables seem wiped
  • NAS-105774 Snapshots are not recursively replicated when “Allow Taking Empty Snapshots” is disabled
  • NAS-106167 FreeNAS 11.3-U3 SMB requires restart after boot to see shares
  • NAS-105326 Kernel Panic: Page Fault in mdsnd. Possibly IPv6 autoconf related.
  • NAS-106268 WebUI is overwriting owner / group information on ACL form submit
  • NAS-106237 Since update 11.3 problems starting services AFP / SMB
  • NAS-106197 TN HA db corruption with alerts
  • NAS-106175 Can’t edit local users in webui in 11.3-U3
  • NAS-106018 missing warning message about making syslog persistent
  • NAS-105969 HA disabled widget does not show reason why HA is disabled
  • NAS-105889 Apply Pending Updates verbiage is wrong
  • NAS-105875 new webUI upgrade button doesn’t work
  • NAS-105588 aberrations in the length it takes to failover on 11.3 HA

Tickets can be viewed at our Open Issues page.