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11.3-U4 Releases

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Last Modified 2022-04-05 15:50 EDT

FreeNAS 11.3-U4.1

29 July 2020

FreeNAS 11.3-U4.1 is a hot-patch release that has 2 bug fixes for a middleware replication issue and a permissions issue.

Bug Fixes

NAS-106928zettarepl middlewared file descriptor leakMiddleware
NAS-106911Regression in permissions change behaviorSMB

FreeNAS 11.3-U4

22 July 2020

FreeNAS 11.3-U4 is another maintenance release of FreeNAS 11.3 that has over one hundred and thirty bug fixes to the FreeNAS middleware and user interface, including:

Bug Fixes

NAS-106829Fix interface rollback on 11.3
NAS-106821Fix handling recoverable errors
NAS-106780Treat most of the paramiko errors (e.g. SSH banner errors) as recover…
NAS-106749webUI states incorrect passphrase but they are correctWebUI
NAS-106706fix typo in hook_license_updateMiddleware
NAS-106681Fix stdout read
NAS-106654Mini-XL - 11.2-U8 > 11.3-any Update Fails repeatedlyUpgrades
NAS-106642Fix TN HA NFS config validation
NAS-106636CONFIG UPLOAD: uploaded file is not validSystem
NAS-106629Samba:s3:winbindd:idmap_ad fix null pointer dereferenceDirectory Services
NAS-106624Dashboard Pool widget render errorWebUI
NAS-106613Always add server auth extension to default certificate created
NAS-106601Rsync tasks should not alert as a task failure on non-fatal rsync warningsMiddleware
NAS-106595Fix enclosure detection codeAlerts
NAS-106585enclosure descriptor key not being parsed in alertMiddleware
NAS-106577SMB using LDAP will not start when restoring a configuration on new systemDirectory Services, SMB, System
NAS-106567FreeNAS CA Unable to generate valid certificates for iOS 13 and Catalina and other browsers.Certificates
NAS-106565Fix bugs introduced in #4959
NAS-106547Changing DHCP to static with BPF enabled doesn't clear IP config completely.Plugins
NAS-106546High Memory UtilizationPlugins
NAS-106541Cloud Sync to Backblaze B2 failsTasks
NAS-106531Get rid of swapsize on TrueNAS for data disksMiddleware, WebUI
NAS-106530Donot create swap partition for TN enterprise on pool creation
NAS-106518Detach option not appearing in pool manager (needed to promote a spare)WebUI
NAS-106517Replication tasks - entire dataset keeps being resentReplication
NAS-106505AD: split messages from wb_fifo on newlineDirectory Services
NAS-106504Samba:s3:winbindd - append newline to end of status message
NAS-106503SNMP: FreeNAS MIB tables missing indexServices
NAS-106501AD: catch and log JSON errors on winbind status pipe
NAS-106500Samba: update to 4.10.16
NAS-106497Recursive Replication via GUI not possibleReplication
NAS-106473Unable to use Active Directory Account for new Rsync ModuleWebUI
NAS-106469Trivial Screen Display BugDashboard
NAS-106463CloudSync Task Running on Passive Controller
NAS-106461Bad NFS exports from older versions makes it difficult to change exports after upgradeNFS
NAS-106459Enable crash/usage for all products
NAS-106456s3 service failed to startServices
NAS-106454Fix savecore error logging
NAS-106453release snapshots after zfs hold test
NAS-106446Oauth Client_ID Invalid in FreeNAS-11.3-U3.2Cloud Credentials
NAS-106435ZFS replicate recursive fails: No such file or directoryConsole, Replication, ZFS
NAS-106415Merge FreeBSD EN-20:14-15 SA-20:17,19-20
NAS-106407Unable to specify OAuth Client ID and Secret for Google Drive and OneDrive Cloud Sync CredentialsMiddleware
NAS-106402CLONE - Console message window overlays main window - for 11.3WebUI
NAS-106401Update in progress message never goes away and has wrong verbiageWebUI
NAS-106390SSH error messages filling up console during ZFS replicationMiddleware
NAS-106388Active Directory and SMB Stopped working.Directory Services
NAS-106372failover.json is not being regenerated after zpool deletionMiddleware
NAS-106365Console message window overlays main windowWebUI
NAS-106364Enclosure UI Graceful DegradationWebUI
NAS-106354OneDrive Cloud Credentials Creates Token That ExpiresMiddleware
NAS-106341iSCSI Extents device list and enabled checkboxWebUI
NAS-106316Tasks for user root use a different HOME than in interactive sessionMiddleware
NAS-106312popup href not opening in new browser tabWebUI
NAS-106306IOCage jails network failure after upgrade to 11.3-U3.1Middleware
NAS-106296Replication Never FinishesMiddleware
NAS-106292UI not honoring custom portsWebUI
NAS-106291Add winacl action to allow restoring ACL from another path
NAS-106286Kerberos ticket not refreshedDirectory Services
NAS-106283Inconsistent datetime format in reportingWebUI
NAS-106281Changing zvol should not send unchanged volsizeWebUI
NAS-106274Cannot create user starting with a numberWebUI
NAS-106273German and English text strings mingled in message after logoutWebUI
NAS-106269Some Text In UI don't show up in the .PO file (11.3-U3.1)WebUI
NAS-106268WebUI is overwriting owner / group information on ACL form submitWebUI
NAS-106267Jails GUI (IP) is not updated after starting/stopping
NAS-106261Cloud Sync Tasks for gdrive using encryption should show unencrypted dir/files in UIWebUI
NAS-106254Jail MAC ADDRESS validation fails in "Advanced Jail Creation"Middleware
NAS-106251Cron doesn't behave as cron shouldDocumentation
NAS-106239IPv6 default gateway disappearsMiddleware
NAS-106232After Update Dashboard is always emptyMiddleware
NAS-106221Unable to access user directories for home shareWebUI
NAS-106214Dashboard not loadingWebUI
NAS-106199gateway not updating when updating static route in web uiMiddleware
NAS-106196Dashboard does not render when encrypted pools are lockedWebUI
NAS-106195Google Team Drives no longer work in 11.3-U3Middleware
NAS-106194iSCSI sharing wizard creates extents with the same serialWebUI
NAS-106175Can't edit local users in webui in 11.3-U3WebUI
NAS-106171Samba may assign identical RIDs to local users and groups.SMB
NAS-106168Dashboard checks for updates despite disabling update check
NAS-106159Cannot generate debugMiddleware
NAS-106156Plugin Page Row ExpansionWebUI
NAS-106150Not able to delete 600TiB RAIDZ poolMiddleware
NAS-106149Failed to check for alert IPMISELSpaceLeft seen while performing RAID operationMiddleware
NAS-106139restrict ntpd traffic to configured peersMiddleware
NAS-106134changing devfs_ruleset for iocage jails fails
NAS-106130Netatalk - have netatalk and atalk daemons generate pidfilesAFP
NAS-106122Admin portal URL is incorrect on post-install popup for NAT pluginsMiddleware
NAS-10611380% full critical, 90% warningWebUI
NAS-106112Re-synchronize passdb after disabling LDAP serviceDirectory Services
NAS-106094Dashboard Pool Widget displaying chevron_right when selecting Caches DiskDashboard
NAS-106079Unable to save iscsi authorized accessWebUI
NAS-106062syslog-ng is binding to all interfaces by default on TN HAMiddleware
NAS-106055Some tooltips translations in snapshot-form.ts are not in the po fileWebUI
NAS-106047Samba s3:modules:vfs_ixnas - fix automatic dataset creation optionSMB
NAS-106042System crash on XCP-NG (spin lock held too long)OS
NAS-106038Replication progress report errorWebUI
NAS-106027turn off logg statistics in syslog-ngMiddleware
NAS-106022Minio/S3 keeps shutting down in 11.3-u2Middleware
NAS-106016Add used/available properties in pool.dataset.query output
NAS-106010Cannot join FreeNAS 11.3-U2 to Windows Active Directory, and some troubleshooting commands failDirectory Services
NAS-106006Improve formatting and verbosity of AD error messages
NAS-106003Fix APIv1 for partial account user object updateMiddleware
NAS-105990proftpd: Broken symlink handlingMiddleware
NAS-105985Console SpamHardware, Middleware
NAS-105973Fix translation in saveConfigFormConfWebUI
NAS-105966Expired snapshots not deletedMiddleware
NAS-105954SSH not respecting "Bind interfaces" after system rebootMiddleware
NAS-105943Slow & Disk with cleared Corrupt GPT visible but other disk missing in UIWebUI
NAS-105901Unmaximising the browser window makes the menu disappearWebUI
NAS-105824(Chrome) Left pane of WEBUI fails to scroll with mouse set to scroll page/screen at a timeWebUI
NAS-105772“Allow Taking Empty Snapshots” results in error “cannot receive: failed to read from stream..”Middleware
NAS-105698"Please wait" spinner does not disappear on SMB edit ACLWebUI
NAS-105584FreeNAS stops responding reclaiming memoryOS, ZFS
NAS-105468Remove "Send Deduplicated Stream" optionReplication

Known Issues

The UI can become unresponsive after upgrading. If this occurs, clear the browser cache and refresh the page with Shift + F5.

Some plugins are not showing their version (NAS-106882). There is a patch to fix versioning for many of the available plugins, but some are incapable of reporting their correct version. These unversioned plugins have been moved to the “Community” plugins list for TrueNAS 12.0 (NAS-106610).

Due to numerous improvements in the replication engine and ZFS, FreeNAS/TrueNAS 11.3 will no longer replicate to FreeNAS/TrueNAS 9.10 systems (or earlier). Solution: update the destination system to FreeNAS/TrueNAS 11.3 or newer.

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