November 19, 2019

The FreeNAS development team is pleased to announce the availability of the seventh update to FreeNAS 11.2. This is a bug fix release.

Users of 11.2 systems are encouraged to update to 11.2-U7 using the instructions in the Guide.

Known Impacts

The default ACL on new ‘Windows’ datasets was changed from:




This means that world is no longer being granted read privileges by default on newly created SMB shares. If you need to add “read” to “world” on a newly-created dataset, you can run the command:

setfacl -m everyone@:rxaRc:fd:allow /mnt/path/to/dataset

Known Issues

The hubiC cloud service has suspended creation of new accounts.

The Mega cloud service is currently broken. The new version of rclone which fixes this will be available in 11.3.

As an edge case, if you install another instance of an already installed plugin and that plugin installation fails, the cleanup from the failure will also delete the dataset for the first installation of that plugin. As a workaround until this is fixed in 11.3, it is recommended that users wanting to install another version of an installed plugin perform the installation from the CLI, using the -k switch:

iocage fetch -P -n PLUGIN_NAME -k RESTOFPARAMS



  • NAS-101139 Add OAuth portal for Cloud Sync Credentials to new UI
  • NAS-103407 Fix asyncio + futures memory leak on Python 3.6
  • NAS-103533 Include UPS name when sending UPS alert email
  • NAS-103612 Add entry to autosnap.py log when VMware host is down
  • NAS-103615 Add zsh bindkey for searching recent commands
  • NAS-103657 Update Samba to 4.9.15 to address CVE-2019-10218, CVE-2019-14833, and CVE-2019-14847
  • NAS-103893 Updates to French and Simplified Chinese translations


  • NAS-102014 Fix new UI issue that added 5 minutes to 30 minute replication tasks
  • NAS-102028 Fix “undefined” error in console of new UI when creating new pool
  • NAS-102893 Avoid unnecessary Samba starts and stops when editing System Dataset configuration
  • NAS-102963 Fix issue with Blackblaze cloud credentials labels in new UI
  • NAS-102991 Use correct defaults for CIFS share in APIv1
  • NAS-103009 Bug fix for updating iSCSI extents in new UI
  • NAS-103021 Restart smartd on Check Interval change
  • NAS-103046 Fix Kerberos keytab string handling
  • NAS-103048 Close System -> Update spinner if error message displays
  • NAS-103070 Make the installer clear old pool labels from new partitions
  • NAS-103078 Fix issue with updating edited iSCSI extent path in new UI
  • NAS-103172 Ensure update doesn’t try to start an already running jail
  • NAS-103195 Update vfs_noacl description in Guide
  • NAS-103208 Ensure middlewared is the last service to stop
  • NAS-103255 Fix issue with multiple iSCSI Authorized Accesses
  • NAS-103293 Fix issue with restarting collectd
  • NAS-103295 Fix issue with displaying German translation in new UI
  • NAS-103297 Refuse to bind netatalk to invalid IP addresses
  • NAS-103336 Fix quota handling in vfs_ix+ NAS.c and fake_file.c
  • NAS-103368 Fix bug when rebuilding directory service cache from UI
  • NAS-103389 Allow non-local users to be set in rsync modules
  • NAS-103392 Fix bug in domain provisioning
  • NAS-103422 Fix ordering of adding userspace quota and home datasets in ix+ NAS
  • NAS-103500 Do not hide disk update validation errors
  • NAS-103534 Clear AD config file before validating credentials
  • NAS-103539 Fix traceback in arc_summary.py
  • NAS-103605 Correctly set initial value for extent path in legacy UI
  • NAS-103613 Remove stale VMware snapshot alerts when updating or deleting VMware host
  • NAS-103643 Fix issue with dismissing an alert
  • NAS-103653 Fix issue with display of VMware snapshot alert
  • NAS-103797 Fix updater logic for minor version upgrade
  • NAS-103827 Allow users to use higher minor version number jails
  • NAS-103849 Only display unique Kerberos principals in dropdown menus of legacy UI
  • NAS-103855 Fix typo in zfs_vnops.c
  • NAS-103923 Fix parsing of Directory Services configuration files

Tickets can be viewed at our Open Issues page.