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Last Modified 2022-04-05 15:50 EDT

May 7, 2019

The FreeNAS development team is pleased to announce the availability of the fourth update to FreeNAS 11.2. This is a bug fix release that also includes several fixes for security vulnerabilities.

Users of 11.2 systems are encouraged to update to 11.2-U4 using the instructions in the Guide.

Known Issues

As an edge case, if you install another instance of an already installed plugin and that plugin installation fails, the cleanup from the failure will also delete the dataset for the first installation of that plugin.

As a workaround until this is fixed in 11.3, it is recommended that users wanting to install another version of an installed plugin perform the installation from the CLI, using the -k switch:

iocage fetch -P -n PLUGIN_NAME -k RESTOFPARAMS


New Features

  • [NAS-100100] – Add zilstat option for SNMP service in legacy UI
  • [NAS-100952] – Add Administrators Group to Services -> SMB in legacy UI
  • [NAS-101219] – Add Administrators Group to Services -> SMB in new UI Improvements
  • [NAS-100897] – Clarify “Microsoft Account” checkbox in Guide
  • [NAS-100955] – Add helptext example for how to add friendly email name to new UI
  • [NAS-101033] – Add colored icons to pool status on Storage -> Pools page of new UI
  • [NAS-101053] – Add border to “Apply Pending Update” button in new UI
  • [NAS-101055] – Widen pool disconnect dialog in new UI
  • [NAS-101056] – Clarify that USB is not recommended as the operating system device in Guide
  • [NAS-101066] – Widen disk column of Pool Manager in new UI
  • [NAS-101092] – Update SMTP password helptext in new UI
  • [NAS-101129] – Clarify Guide entry for SMB share connection on Windows
  • [NAS-101158] – Clarify new UI message about usernames longer than 8 characters
  • [NAS-101169] – Improve helptext for ‘add username’ field in new UI
  • [NAS-101411] – Add visual feedback to tooltip-pinning icon in new UI
  • [NAS-101429] – Add link to Zenoss and Zenoss TrueNAS ZenPack to SNMP Service section of Guide
  • [NAS-101471] – Update and improve the ESXi section of Guide
  • [NAS-101477] – Add space between items on multi-select fields
  • [NAS-101489] – FIX color/layout issues on ‘Select’ dialog and in IPMI component
  • [NAS-101519] – Update fr-fr localization
  • [NAS-101522] – Update zh-hans localization
  • [NAS-101523] – Initial localization for es-es
  • [NAS-101526] – Update zh-hant localization
  • [NAS-101555] – Update VMware section of Guide

Bug Fixes

  • [NAS-100138] – Update net/ladvd to 1.1.2
  • [NAS-100524] – Fix OpenVPN restart issue by virtualizing if_tun for VIMAGE
  • [NAS-100530] – Add to ix-plugin-hub repo
  • [NAS-100538] – Disallow ‘global’ as an SMB share name in new UI
  • [NAS-100670] – Merge in FreeBSD boot loader fixes
  • [NAS-100734] – Fix “unscheduled system reboot” alert after update
  • [NAS-100786] – Use on/off values for hostid_strict_check in new UI
  • [NAS-100805] – Prevent never exiting cron job
  • [NAS-100811] – Add update option to Plugins page of new UI
  • [NAS-100827] – Merge a few RPC/GSSD changes from FreeBSD
  • [NAS-100855] – Fix quoting of generated values in ctl.conf
  • [NAS-100919] – Update rrdtool to 1.7.1
  • [NAS-100933] – Handle MultipleObjectsReturned for API Config models
  • [NAS-100946] – Disable autocap, autocomplete, and autocorrect on login page of new UI
  • [NAS-100984] – Add back pool column to disk list page of new UI
  • [NAS-100997] – Backport proftpd fixes
  • [NAS-101004] – Properly set and save dataset inherit values in new UI
  • [NAS-101018] – Update converters/convmv to version 2.05
  • [NAS-101029] – Use IEC units in Pool Manager of new UI
  • [NAS-101030] – Add Sunday as an option for Periodic Snapshot Tasks in new UI
  • [NAS-101038] – Adjust tables to prevent double vertical scrollbars in new UI
  • [NAS-101039] – Prevent footer console from hiding content in new UI
  • [NAS-101042] – Remove unused /etc/freenas.conf
  • [NAS-101050] – Fix silent failures when provisioning domain controller role
  • [NAS-101059] – Fix bug that prevented disk wipe option from displaying in new UI
  • [NAS-101061] – Fix minor text bug in the helptext of Username field of Users
  • [NAS-101062] – Fix traceback when cloning a snapshot
  • [NAS-101064] – Use root user’s configured shell for web shell
  • [NAS-101069] – Update smb4.conf generation to reflect optimization recommendations
  • [NAS-101070] – Fix layout problem when dragging datatable columns in new UI
  • [NAS-101074] – Block VolumeStatus alert while creating pool
  • [NAS-101075] – Correct kern.corefile setting
  • [NAS-101076] – Fix BIOS bootcode upgrades
  • [NAS-101077] – Fix helptext in Virtual Machines -> Docker VM Wizard of new UI
  • [NAS-101078] – Fix swapping of Path and Name table headers in Sharing -> SMB of new UI
  • [NAS-101104] – Fix color issues in new UI calendar and improve its display in Firefox
  • [NAS-101105] – Update ‘Bind’ helptext in VM wizard of new UI
  • [NAS-101119] – Add middleware support for multipath in used disks call
  • [NAS-101122] – Clarify helptext for Sharing -> SMB -> Edit -> Browsable to Network Clients in new UI
  • [NAS-101123] – Hide unneeded fields in CA and Certificate forms of new UI
  • [NAS-101127] – Add tooltip and clarify Guide entry for Init/Shutdown scripts
  • [NAS-101130] – Do not allow creation of duplicate group ID for iSCCI Auth
  • [NAS-101153] – Improve datastore listing in VMware-Snapshots
  • [NAS-101168] – Validate Allow/Deny Hosts fields in Services -> Rsync -> Rsync Module
  • [NAS-101176] – Add tunable to ignore NO_VGA in buggy ACPI firmware
  • [NAS-101178] – Fix “smartd not running” alert
  • [NAS-101179] – Fix traceback when exporting certificate from CA
  • [NAS-101181] – Use cam to get temperature for SCSI disks
  • [NAS-101185] – Do not try to savecore on used single disk swap
  • [NAS-101187] – Do not allow a password to be set on an encrypted pool if it is set as the “System Dataset”
  • [NAS-101188] – Warn when a custom dataset or zvol exists under templates/jails
  • [NAS-101193] – Remove password requirement and use middleware call for DDNS providers in new UI
  • [NAS-101195] – Prevent error dialog from expanding text area behind it in new UI
  • [NAS-101199] – Make form field labels and underlines match the selected theme
  • [NAS-101203] – Correct Extra Users fieldname and helptext in Services -> UPS of new UI
  • [NAS-101205] – Create swap partition if boot disk has one
  • [NAS-101209] – Add 23:59 option to new UI so Snapshot Tasks won’t be missed at end of day
  • [NAS-101210] – Expose supported Dynamic DNS providers through middleware
  • [NAS-101223] – Use name of disk instead of index to search for disk details to display in Dashboard of new UI
  • [NAS-101224] – Improve sedutil FreeBSD support
  • [NAS-101226] – Clarify “reset interface” message in console
  • [NAS-101227] – Run ZFS operations in a process pool
  • [NAS-101252] – Fix iocage fstabs containing spaces and other bad characters
  • [NAS-101255] – Cherrypick IPFW fixes for VRRP and VERSRCREACH
  • [NAS-101264] – Fix CVE-2019-3880
  • [NAS-101268] – Reformat notification list to allow HTML links to appear as live links in new UI
  • [NAS-101270] – Replace old iocage mountpoints with current structure if the new source/destination directory exists
  • [NAS-101279] – Fix bug that prevented the Periodic Snapshot Tasks Volume/Dataset dropdown menu from being populated in legacy UI
  • [NAS-101303] – Fix bug that made UI unresponsive when destroying lots of snapshots
  • [NAS-101306] – Add support for reading SATA SSD temperature
  • [NAS-101317] – Ensure UPS is not ONLINE at shutdown event
  • [NAS-101329] – Correctly write multiple ISNS servers to iSCSI configuration file
  • [NAS-101330] – Update Apache to 2.4.39
  • [NAS-101348] – Use proper timezone for alert timestamps in legacy UI
  • [NAS-101353] – Assign a color from the theme to each state for pool icons in new UI
  • [NAS-101360] – Don’t spam /var/db/collectd/rrd when collectd.conf generation fails
  • [NAS-101361] – Improve UPS validation
  • [NAS-101371] – Add missing link to Update section to Guide
  • [NAS-101373] – Update Support page references from Redmine to Jira in new UI
  • [NAS-101374] – Fix “none” traceback when editing dataset
  • [NAS-101377] – Update Python to 2.7.15
  • [NAS-101380] – Fix broken link and formatting issue in Support page of new UI
  • [NAS-101385] – Fix SCSI sense data with virtio-scsi HBA
  • [NAS-101401] – Fix libzfs being used in quota alert
  • [NAS-101415] – Update wget to 1.20.3
  • [NAS-101425] – Log an error if a dependency loop occurs in /etc/mail/aliases
  • [NAS-101427] – Improve NVMe timeout handling
  • [NAS-101431] – Remove expensive LDAP operations from freenas-debug
  • [NAS-101435] – Fix traceback when iSCSI service fails to reload
  • [NAS-101442] – Detect EFI system partition when upgrading boot loader
  • [NAS-101487] – Fix ScrubPausedAlertSource using libzfs
  • [NAS-101490] – Correct wording of polling interval in UPS docs
  • [NAS-101496] – Fix legacy replication to allow sending of datasets with spaces in name
  • [NAS-101497] – Fix issues with dashboard temperature gathering in new UI
  • [NAS-101512] – Update syslog-ng config file format
  • [NAS-101515] – Fix bug that caused UI to hang on Manual Update
  • [NAS-101554] – Fix traceback in Alerts when inserting USB drive
  • [NAS-101583] – Ensure HTTPS is used for updates
  • [NAS-101635] – Fix collectd+scrub triggering sleep with CAM mutex held

Tickets can be viewed at our Open Issues page.