March 19, 2018

The FreeNAS development team is pleased to announce the availability of the third update to FreeNAS 11.1. Since this update addresses a number of published vulnerabilities, users are encouraged to update using the instructions in the Guide.


  • 26275 Bug Update Apache version to 2.4.27
  • 26303 Bug Don’t try to send email when no email address is set for root
  • 26355 Bug More fixes to prevent freenas-health warnings from spamming /var/log/messages
  • 26931 Feature Use ifconfig -vvv in freenas-debug
  • 27498 Bug Do not auto-fill root account at login prompt
  • 27607 Bug Fix migration from 11.0-U6
  • 27764 Bug Add filesystem.put to middlewared
  • 27824 Bug Properly handle 401 in dgrid-error
  • 27977 Bug Set limit on number of open files for python during early boot
  • 28078 Bug Do not expose root password in traceback
  • 28094 Bug Do not log freenas-health warnings to /var/log/messages
  • 28105 Bug Conform to RFC-7530 when using NFSv3 UID-GIDs with NFSv4 protocol
  • 28125 Bug Fix traceback by ensuring uuid always exists
  • 28133 Bug Fix error that prevented proper deletion of boot environment
  • 28385 Bug Fix middlewared calling job with process=True
  • 28634 Bug Only run freenas-debug -B when explicitly specified through CLI
  • 28684 Feature Add “-v” to zpool status in freenas-debug script
  • 28786 Bug Fix traceback when migrating system dataset
  • 28792 Bug Increase size of RAM disk used by Reporting for systems with many disks
  • 28936 Bug Detach geli provider when removing a ZFS disk
  • 28982 Bug Temporary fix to silence “@job(pipe=True) leaking file descriptors” messages
  • 28988 Bug Do not detach pool if extending a volume fails
  • 29040 Bug Rework manual upgrade to use polling requests
  • 29133 Bug Fix” Unauthorized Reboot” emails when system did not actually reboot
  • 29361 Bug Write nginx access log to tmpfs
  • 29551 Bug Fix traceback when multiplex.proc_dump returns bool
  • 29753 Bug Fixes for CVE-2018-1050 and CVE-2018-1057
  • 29853 Bug Prevent ” [Errno 48] Address already in use” error by not using SO_REUSEADDR for ephemeral ports

Tickets can be viewed at the iXsystems & FreeNAS Redmine page.