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Last Modified 2022-04-05 15:50 EDT

January 18, 2018

The FreeNAS development team is pleased to announce the availability of the first update to FreeNAS 11.1. This update release fixes a number of bugs. Users are encouraged to update using the instructions in the Guide.


  • 17875 Bug Specify a quota per time machine backup
  • 25949 Bug Allow access to ZFS snapshots over SMB
  • 26039 Feature Properly handle “replace inherited permissions with non-inherited ones”
  • 26355 Bug Fix freenas.json for newer versions of consul
  • 26625 Feature Update smartmontools to version 6.6
  • 26776 Bug Remove obsolete patch from Samba 4.7
  • 26831 Bug Revert using external Parse::Pidl
  • 26899 Bug Improve VM shutdown and add Power Off button
  • 27013 Bug Fix “ConnectionRefusedError Errno 61”
  • 27023 Bug Convert vfs.zfs.arc_max from loader to sysctl tunable
  • 27063 Bug Fix typo in “quota exceeded” alert
  • 27131 Bug Additional patches for AMD Ryzen support
  • 27234 Bug Update dojo version link in old UI to flush browser cache
  • 27239 Feature Rename factory restore button
  • 27253 Bug Update iocage Makefile with required dependency
  • 27265 Bug Update forum information in Guide
  • 27268 Bug Fix Update option of console menu
  • 27270 Bug Fix memory leak
  • 27276 Bug Fix GUI display on Internet Explorer 11
  • 27284 Bug Prevent queueing of repeated cloud sync jobs
  • 27286 Bug Indicate when cloud sync credentials are invalid
  • 27292 Bug Add example of how to check for pending updates to API documentation
  • 27298 Bug Fix CPU spike by using middlewared to get alerts for consul health check and consecutive event subscription
  • 27299 Bug Fix link to Netdata service
  • 27306 Bug Be less verbose with libiocage progress reporting
  • 27334 Bug Pass SNMP Auxiliary parameters values to running configuration
  • 27346 Bug Fix traceback when there are too many swap mirrors
  • 27349 Bug Relax the minimum amount of memory for a VM guest to 256M
  • 27356 Bug Update memory type used by Reporting memory graphs
  • 27383 Bug Disable consul update check
  • 27387 Feature Update operating system device choices and sizes in Guide
  • 27394 Bug Fix traceback on first boot related to iocage
  • 27403 Bug Update guidelines on RAM requirements in Guide
  • 27407 Bug Set proper certificate expire time when signing CSR
  • 27417 Bug Support Fibre Channel loop mode
  • 27441 Bug Remove recommendations for SMB min/max protocols in Guide
  • 27496 Bug Fix for alert emails being improperly addressed
  • 27512 Bug Fix permissions on user’s SSH directory when creating the user account
  • 27524 Bug Fix panic on resilver or scrub
  • 27531 Bug Fix CPU temperatures scale used by Reporting
  • 27582 Bug Fix SMART schedule that exceeds MAXLINELEN
  • 27655 Bug Fix setting vnet while a jail is running
  • 27666 Bug Fixes related to jails for volume unlock
  • 27675 Bug Document “Use all disk space” in Guide
  • 27701 Bug Clarify “use all disk space” tooltip wording when mirroring boot devices
  • 27740 Bug Fix race condition on django using middleware client
  • 27757 Bug Update RancherOS to 1.1.3
  • 27773 Bug Fix livelock in in sequential scrub
  • 27783 Bug Add instructions for importing encrypted disks with a saved configuration to the Guide
  • 27814 Bug Authenticate requests from loopback network

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