TrueNAS Quality Lifecycle

Release StageCompleted QA CyclesTypical UseDescription
ALPHA1TestersNot much field testing
BETA2EnthusiastsMajor Feature Complete, but expect some bugs
RC4Home UsersSuitable for non-critical deployments
RELEASE6General UseSuitable for less complex deployments
U17Business UseSuitable for more complex deployments
U2+8Larger SystemsSuitable for higher uptime deployments

February 9, 2021

iXsystems is pleased to announce the general availability of TrueNAS 12.0-U2! This release includes many bug fixes and minor features. From the 12.0-U1 and U1.1 releases, there have been over 140 changes or improvements to TrueNAS!

  • A performance bug found in Chelsio and Intel drivers for FreeBSD 12.2 has been addressed (NAS-107593).
  • While OpenZFS ACoW (Async Copy-n-Write) was disabled as part of the process of fixing a corruption bug in TrueNAS 12.0-U1.1, it is expected that full ACoW will be reactivated in TrueNAS 12.0-U3 (NAS-108627).

The Enterprise Update train is being activated for this release on February 23, 2021! TrueNAS Enterprise customers are encouraged to upgrade their systems to get the latest performance improvements, bug fixes, and security enhancements. Enterprise customers can contact iX Support for assistance with upgrading their TrueNAS systems.

Contacting iXsystems Support

Customers who purchase iXsystems hardware or that want additional support must have a support contract to use iXsystems Support Services. The TrueNAS Community forums provides free support for users without an iXsystems Support contract.

Contact MethodContact Options
TelephoneMonday - Friday, 6:00AM to 6:00PM Pacific Standard Time:

US-only toll-free: 1-855-473-7449 option 2
Local and international: 1-408-943-4100 option 2
TelephoneAfter Hours (24x7 Gold Level Support only):

US-only toll-free: 1-855-499-5131
International: 1-408-878-3140 (international calling
rates apply)

TrueNAS 12.0-U2 Changelog

New Features

  • [NAS-108365] - Enable Support Proxy Server to send tickets to Salesforce Service cloud
  • [NAS-108962] - Create keyserver entry options for the R-series


  • [NAS-108213] - Iconic template icon does not work on white background
  • [NAS-108449] - CANCEL/CLOSE Buttons for iX Dark Theme need addressed
  • [NAS-108481] - zvol zfs encryption settings missing from UI
  • [NAS-108495] - Missing ix-auto in - and + button in Sharing/iSCSI/Initiators/Add on 12.0

Bug Fixes

  • [NAS-105062] - WebUI forces to choose bridge members upon its definition
  • [NAS-105714] - User home directory creation case insensitive
  • [NAS-106588] - Can't log in to GUI with enter when credentials are saved
  • [NAS-107341] - CPU Usage Report Doesn't Match Usage
  • [NAS-107395] - [WebGUI] S.M.A.R.T Test results error
  • [NAS-107421] - Since updating to TrueNAS 12 beta 2 getting "can't open /etc/zfs/exports" errors
  • [NAS-107593] - Slow transfers with iflib(4) (Intel, Broadcom, VMware) and Chelsio NICs
  • [NAS-107910] - TrueNAS Core 12.0 RC1 No shadow copy dropdown
  • [NAS-107953] - Kernel panic with nfs traffic
  • [NAS-108096] - Upgrade to 12 Release fails on this box
  • [NAS-108206] - Console setup not working
  • [NAS-108308] - Cant add google cloud service account
  • [NAS-108312] - Wrong ordering of datasets by used/available space in the web ui
  • [NAS-108320] - Pool missing after upgrade from 11.3U5
  • [NAS-108343] - Error when deleting target in use
  • [NAS-108351] - Error (traceback) when editing unrelated properties on dataset with certain zstd (zstandard) compression levels
  • [NAS-108353] - Math error in pool creation dialog
  • [NAS-108371] - UI says replication failed..but it worked
  • [NAS-108423] - Dashboard for CPU & memory do not show values, also reporting is missing
  • [NAS-108441] - Quota exceeded on dataset
  • [NAS-108444] - lagg interface member menu proposes a vlan interface
  • [NAS-108452] - Restore background cpu dashboard widget updating
  • [NAS-108464] - Dashboard CPU widget does not clear out the old values
  • [NAS-108475] - CLONE - Error (traceback) when editing unrelated properties on dataset with certain zstd (zstandard) compression levels
  • [NAS-108479] - Mystery Error 3221225867
  • [NAS-108489] - The S.M.A.R.T test results cannot be displayed in the web ui
  • [NAS-108500] - pCloud hostname is not sent when verifying credentials
  • [NAS-108510] - Kernel panic on wrong NVDIMM ProximityDomain in NFIT
  • [NAS-108512] - GELI unlock very slow
  • [NAS-108520] - high concurrency api requests result in invalid responses
  • [NAS-108521] - invalid /etc/ctl.conf file generated when using high concurrency API requests
  • [NAS-108525] - unable to create a jail that has partly the name of another
  • [NAS-108535] - Use smart.test.disk_choices
  • [NAS-108537] - df stats reported to Graphite exclude datasets with "system" or "warden" in the name
  • [NAS-108538] - [EFAULT] Failed to connect to libvirt
  • [NAS-108548] - Creating a passphrase for a dataset in UI accepts different passphrases
  • [NAS-108555] - webUi alerts for successful replications
  • [NAS-108578] - zettarepl failing to pull-replicate a dataset with canmount=noauto (12.0-U1 regression)
  • [NAS-108600] - Still no Reporting graphs after 12.0-U1
  • [NAS-108609] - 12-U1 converts mirrored disks to multipath which make the ZFS pool inaccessible
  • [NAS-108613] - Disks missing in UI and Smart generates error
  • [NAS-108623] - Trying to offline faulted drive results in stack trace
  • [NAS-108624] - Traceback ISCSIPortalIP
  • [NAS-108625] - Unable to update configuration for FTP service
  • [NAS-108628] - Inconsistent values for Enabled column in Tasks / Cron Jobs page
  • [NAS-108629] - Bad labels for key in NFS Stats (Bytes) graph
  • [NAS-108639] - Cannot configure MTU 1492
  • [NAS-108640] - Save configuration exports encryption keys regardless of checkbox
  • [NAS-108642] - vfs_ixnas can fail with ENOENT on home directories
  • [NAS-108655] - cannot exclude an irrelevant dataset
  • [NAS-108657] - Not allowed to set schedule for PUSH replication linked to snapshot task
  • [NAS-108660] - SMART test error pre-format is not respected
  • [NAS-108663] - Proper handling of network configuration while creating jail in UI
  • [NAS-108664] - smbd exited on signal 6
  • [NAS-108665] - TrueNAS 12.0 U1 email outgoing mail server and port missing
  • [NAS-108666] - netcli operation hangs on uniq
  • [NAS-108675] - Cannot toggle boot flag after plugin creation
  • [NAS-108678] - VMWare plugin may leak password to logs
  • [NAS-108704] - SMB Shares Inaccessible from Legacy Clients after 12.0-U1 update
  • [NAS-108715] - Reporting graphs aren't functions
  • [NAS-108726] - htop -s segfaults
  • [NAS-108731] - Properly update plugin props in UI
  • [NAS-108746] - Saving debug fails (two pools)
  • [NAS-108747] - Exporting pool fails if two pools are imported
  • [NAS-108748] - Replicating iocage dataset results in non-working jail configuration
  • [NAS-108762] - run time error when configuring ip address on vlan1350 interface from webUI
  • [NAS-108763] - Traceback editing IDMAP before AD bind
  • [NAS-108776] - Docker application exposes network as mgmt interface
  • [NAS-108786] - 12.0-U1 - Interface reports use inconsistent units
  • [NAS-108794] - vlan interface creation wizard : 'parent interface' dropdown menu proposes physical interfaces that are already members of a lagg
  • [NAS-108796] - SMB Error with push replication
  • [NAS-108801] - Samba CLI utilities don't properly tear down messaging contexts
  • [NAS-108881] - Panics on mps(4) firmware timeouts
  • [NAS-108889] - middleware AD health checks can contend with winbindd netlogon connection NT_STATUS_RPC_SEC_PKG_ERROR
  • [NAS-108891] - Panics on NULL-dereference in zfs_onexit_destroy()
  • [NAS-108906] - Private key should be a mandatory field in the UI when importing CSR
  • [NAS-108916] - Change replication task schedule logic
  • [NAS-108985] - Huge freenas-debug, preventing debug
  • [NAS-109011] - Data over iSCSI Corrupted with TrueNAS 12.0-U1.1
  • [NAS-109039] - After Failover during Manual Update from 11.3-U5 to TrueNAS-12.0-INTERNAL-125 HA failed
  • [NAS-109050] - Fix the year displayed in Display System Processes and the Shell
  • [NAS-109079] - Error exporting/disconnecting pools on TrueNAS 12.0
  • [NAS-109139] - Legacy pool modification produces empty encryption key file
  • [NAS-109149] - Keyserver cannot generate a license
  • [NAS-109162] - Update sudo port for CVE-2021-3156
  • [NAS-109168] - Merge FreeBSD EN-21:01-04 SA-21:01-02
  • [NAS-109173] - middleware job - re-raise existing CallError
  • [NAS-109250] - Fix enclosure.sync_zpool KeyError
  • [NAS-109251] - Fix coroutine never awaited

Known Issues

NAS-106992Persistent L2ARC is disabled by default.While the underlying issues have been fixed, this setting continues to be disabled by default for additional performance investigation. To manually reactivate persistent L2ARC, log in to the TrueNAS Web Interface, go to System > Tunables, and add a new tunable with these values:
  • Type = sysctl
  • Variable = vfs.zfs.l2arc.rebuild_enabled
  • Value = 1
TrueNAS "root" user account cannot be an SMB user.This is an intentional change to improve software security and suitability for deployment in a variety of environments. Update the SMB configuration to use a different user account.
NAS-109078TrueNAS Enterprise license summary may not list expansion shelves by name. This does not affect enclosure management or expansion shelf functionality.