TrueNAS Quality Lifecycle

Release StageCompleted QA CyclesTypical UseDescription
ALPHA1TestersNot much field testing
BETA2EnthusiastsMajor Feature Complete, but expect some bugs
RC4Home UsersSuitable for non-critical deployments
RELEASE6General UseSuitable for less complex deployments
U17Business UseSuitable for more complex deployments
U2+8Larger SystemsSuitable for higher uptime deployments

20 October 2020

iXsystems is pleased to announce the general availability of TrueNAS 12.0 RELEASE! This is the first production version of the unified FreeNAS and TrueNAS release that is renamed to TrueNAS CORE and TrueNAS Enterprise, respectively. Since the first 12.0 Release Candidate, an additional 30 final polishing bugs have been found and fixed in the full 12.0-RELEASE version. The first maintenance release of TrueNAS 12.0, U1, is anticipated in December.

TrueNAS 12.0

The TrueNAS 12.0 release is a major new update to the TrueNAS family of storage products. TrueNAS CORE is the successor to FreeNAS, which is still fully open-source and offering the same functionality and more features than ever before. Included in version 12 are major changes to the ZFS filesystem, bringing all upcoming OpenZFS 2.0 (Formerly ZFS on Linux). Additionally, version 12 includes these notable changes and improvements:

  • ZFS Native Crypto - Per-dataset encryption and support for encrypted replication to untrusted targets.
  • 2 Factor Authentication - Allows using Applications such as “Google Authenticator” to provide an extra level of security before logging into the UI or SSH access.
  • KMIP Support - TrueNAS Enterprise now adds the ability to interface with KMIP servers for the storage and retrieval of passwords and encryption keys.
  • Performance Improvements - Virtually every area of the platform has been updated and includes some major performance improvements, including SMB, iSCSI, ZFS and more.
  • API Keys - All of TrueNAS can be configured with TrueNAS API v2.0 and now supports API keys for remote access. The v1.0 API is no longer supported.
  • Fusion Pools - Allows creating pools with all-flash vdevs that store metadata and small-block IO. This provides flash-like performance on all metadata operations, but with the cost effectiveness of spinning disk for storage blocks.
  • VPN Support - Support for TrueNAS acting as both an OpenVPN Server and Client, depending on your VPN needs.
  • TrueCommand Cloud Integration - TrueNAS 12.0 systems can be connected directly to a TrueCommand Cloud account for scaled monitoring and management of your TrueNAS systems - no additional hardware needed! For Early Access to TrueCommand Cloud, go to portal.ixsystems.com and create an iX account, then send an email to truecommand-sales@ixsystems.com to request Early Access to the TrueCommand Cloud Services. Be sure to include the email address that you used to create your iX Account.

The Docs Hub has step-by-step instructions for configuring TrueCommand Cloud.

These major changes are also paired with numerous other bug fixes and quality-of-life type improvements to the UI and APIs for users. We’ve also revamped our Documentation, focusing more content on how to accomplish specific tasks, reducing the learning curve and time normally spent on deploying TrueNAS in a variety of storage environments.

Here is the full list of fixes and changes in 12.0-RELEASE:

Bug Fixes

NAS-107931Selecting a certificate for LDAPMiddleware
NAS-107917sysctl panic on debug kernelOS
NAS-107872build syslog-ng with debug symbolsOS
NAS-107851Make dns_domain_name optional in idmap formWebUI
NAS-107842Failure to approve acme certCertificates
NAS-107840Broken ACL editor shown after creating home shareWebUI
NAS-107837Can't change security setting for NFS shareWebUI
NAS-107802traceback in hactl along with flake8 fixesMiddleware
NAS-107736reporting.realtime Event: Network rates wrongMiddleware
NAS-107617FreeNAS 11.3 upgrade to TrueNAS 12.0RC1 does not migrate user passwordsUpgrades
NAS-107603Replication that worked in 11.3-U4 and 12.0-Beta2 fails in 12.0-RC1Replication
NAS-107587SSH Keypair input validation issue AgainWebUI
NAS-107552Timezone mismatch in reporiting graphsReporting
NAS-107545CloudSync Dryrun isn't dryMiddleware
NAS-107529Snapshot option missing for Zvol's in contextual menu on pools UISnapshot, WebUI
NAS-107526Failed Error when clicking Expand PoolMiddleware
NAS-107502NetBIOS Alias value is not saved after Server rebootServices
NAS-107436Elements in "Title Bar" no longer ClickableWebUI
NAS-107401Disable autocomplete for 2FA code on login pageWebUI
NAS-107400Inconsistency if root pw is required for DL of encryption keySystem
NAS-107348high cpu usage by middleware...slow performanceMiddleware
NAS-106680Plex Media Server
NAS-106658ZFS replication does not create datasets on targetReplication, Tasks
NAS-106043Directory Services / LDAP UI has wrong labelsWebUI
NAS-105927Replace all helptext Guide linksDocumentation
NAS-105904Fix broken link in New Pool Encryption help textDocumentation
NAS-105645zfs-stats -a shows unknown oids and divide by 0OS
NAS-105622UI should update VM state if the VM shuts downWebUI
NAS-105565Unable to Access TN Scale UIWebUI
NAS-105531static usage of FreeNAS when upgrading zpoolWebUI

Known Issues

NAS-107151Replication fails between legacy TrueNAS 9.10 systems and 12.0-BETA1 systems.Due to numerous improvements in the replication engine and ZFS, FreeNAS/TrueNAS 9.10 systems (or earlier) can no longer replicate to or from TrueNAS 12.0. Update the legacy TrueNAS system to FreeNAS/TrueNAS 11.3 or newer.
NAS-106992Persistent L2ARC is disabled by default due to performance impact when rebuilding with large amounts of data.Reactivating persistent L2ARC can result in degraded UI and Middleware performance in specific situations where large amounts of data is loaded into L2ARC and a rebuild is triggered. To reactivate persistent L2ARC, log in to the TrueNAS Web Interface, go to System > Tunables, and add a new tunable with these values:
  • Type = sysctl
  • Variable = vfs.zfs.l2arc.rebuild_enabled
  • Value = 1
NAS-1079512FA is missing from TrueNAS Enterprise2-Factor authentication is receiving additional polish for TrueNAS Enterprise and is scheduled to be added in 12.0-U1.
TrueNAS "root" user account cannot be an SMB user.This is an intentional change to improve software security and suitability for deployment in a variety of environments. Update the SMB configuration to use a different user account.
There are some BIOS compatibility issues when manually upgrading a TrueNAS X or M -Series system to 12.0.Please contact iX Support when planning an upgrade to one of these systems.
NAS-108050SNMP consumes 100% CPU and becomes unavailable.If you are using SNMP, either disable SNMP in 12.0-RELEASE or upgrade when 12.0-U1 is released.
NAS-107694Due to performance impacts with some drives, autotrim for storage pools is disabled by default.If you need to reactivate autotrim for an existing TrueNAS pool, log in to the web interface, go to the Shell, and enter `zpool set autotrim=on `, replacing with the name of the pool. A toggle for TRIM is being added in 12.0-U1.
Contacting iXsystems Support

Customers who purchase iXsystems hardware or that want additional support must have a support contract to use iXsystems Support Services. The TrueNAS Community forums provides free support for users without an iXsystems Support contract.

Contact MethodContact Options
TelephoneMonday - Friday, 6:00AM to 6:00PM Pacific Standard Time:

US-only toll-free: 1-855-473-7449 option 2
Local and international: 1-408-943-4100 option 2
TelephoneAfter Hours (24x7 Gold Level Support only):

US-only toll-free: 1-855-499-5131
International: 1-408-878-3140 (international calling
rates apply)