April 22, 2020

11.3-U2.1 is a hotfix release of 11.3-U2 which only addresses a critical issue when exporting and destroying pools (NAS-105782 Link).

TrueNAS version 11.3-U2 has officially been released. This version brings a brand new, more efficient web interface for the first time to the TrueNAS platform. TrueNAS 11.3-U2 has these new and improved features:

  • Re-implemented Replication Engine, allows up to 10Gb replication speeds (a 10x improvement), resume support on failed transfers, as well as ability to replicate locally.

  • ACL Manager – Allows setup and management of SMB ACL’s directly via the TrueNAS web interface.

  • SMB Shadow Copies are now enabled by default for new shares – Note: Snapshots will only show up in Windows “Previous Versions Tab” if the snapshot USED size shows changes to the file.

  • Updated translations for Czech, French, Japanese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese.

  • iSCSI Wizard – Streamlines the process of creating new iSCSI targets down to a few clicks.

  • Alert System Overhaul – More granular alerts, as well as controls to set alert thresholds.

  • Dashboard Updates – The initial dashboard now shows a live view of system status, including network traffic, CPU / memory utilization and more.

  • NAT Support for Plugins – Eliminates the need for supported plugins to have a dedicated IP address on your network (Requires optional software license – contact iXsystems for more information).

  • Full featured 2.0 API – Includes both REST and Websocket connections, allowing TrueNAS to be fully scripted and driven via the same API used by the web-interface.

  • Large Pool Creation Helper– When creating ZFS pools with large numbers of disks, the UI provides an automated way to repeat a VDEV layout across all remaining disks.

  • ZFS Performance optimizations across the board for many different workloads.

  • New Enclosure Management – Shows each physical disk status and which pool the disk is in. It also shows how many expanders are connected to the system and the status of each.

On top of the new and exciting web interface, there were also bug fixes and improvements in this version. Find the full, detailed list of tickets here.

This release also signifies the End-of-Life for the TrueNAS 11.2 update train.

Errata Notices

The following are issues that have been verified in 11.3-U2, which are slated for resolution in 11.3-U3, along with any known work-arounds.


Taskmanager can become unresponsive when listing via the UI (NAS-105657)


Reload web-browser session, or wait for the queue to be processed and UI will (eventually) become responsive again.


LACP MAC addresses change at reboot when using DHCP (NAS-105764)


Assign static IP addresses to any LACP / LAGG Devices at creation time.


UI session logs out when the passive controller reboots (NAS-105594)


Re-enter credentials to log into the UI again and resume your session.


Replication target can crash with “dva_get_dsize_sync(): bad DVA” error (NAS-102541)


Fix is slated for 11.3-U3 (FreeNAS and TrueNAS). Issue only impacts the receiving side of a replication target and is a very rare occurrence. If you suspect you have hit this issue in production, please contact iXsystems support for assistance.


Exporting / Destroying a pool can corrupt other “Locked” pools (NAS-105782)


Issue only impacts if you are exporting and destroying pools, when you have an existing Encrypted “Locked” pool also created. To avoid, do not export + destroy pools when multiple pools are in use.

Tickets can be viewed at our Open Issues page.