December 11, 2018

We are pleased to announce the general availability of TrueNAS 11.1-U6.2.

Before updating to this bug fix release, contact iXsystems Technical Support for a pre-update health check and to answer any technical questions regarding this update. You can contact Support by calling 1-855-GREP-4-iX or emailing support@ixsystems.com.


  • 28182 Bug Do not run cron jobs on TrueNAS passive controllers
  • 36903 Feature Update Read/Write cache labels in X-Series section of TrueNAS Guide
  • 47345 Bug Fix mail.send failures breaking alerts system
  • 48031 Bug Prevent calling fenced multiple times on TrueNAS HA systems
  • 55899 Umbrella Prevent Cloud Sync Tasks from overflowing /mnt
  • 55923 Bug Make Services > S3 > Disks a required field
  • 55995 Bug Remove unused get_disk function that slowed Wizard on systems with Fibre Channel cards
  • 56430 Bug Exclude .zfs/snapshot directories from collectd df output
  • 56592 Bug Ensure crontab contains created Cron Jobs
  • 60390 Bug Remove showmount from freenas-debug to prevent hang condition
  • 60399 Bug Remove freenas-verify from freenas-debug
  • 60408 Bug Remove cachetool.py from freenas-debug

Tickets can be viewed at the iXsystems & FreeNAS Redmine page.