May 21, 2020

11.3-U3.1 is a hotpatch to fix critical issues with SMB shares being unavailable until the service restarted (NAS-106167) and SSH hostkeys changing on boot (NAS-106170).

Known Issues

The UI can become unresponsive after upgrading. If this occurs, clear the browser cache and refresh the page with shift-F5.

Some local user accounts can’t be edited (NAS-106175). This issue can be worked around in 11.3-U3 by replacing the existing uneditable user with a new account.

iXsystems is pleased to release Update 3 for FreeNAS 11.3! FreeNAS 11.3-U3 is a maintenance release that includes over one hundred bug fixes and quality of life improvements for the software. Notable fixes include:

  • Network Interfaces section updates (NAS-105964, NAS-105963, NAS-105960, NAS-105959, NAS-105958, NAS-105965)

  • Allow mounting NFS shares with either Kerberos or default security when Require Kerberos for NFSv4 is disabled. (NAS-105956)

  • Import a Samba 4 patch for an Apple Time Machine bug (NAS-105911)

  • UI visual improvements (NAS-105909, NAS-105916, NAS-105927, NAS-105907, NAS-105862, NAS-105800, NAS-105713, NAS-105661, NAS-105601, NAS-105513)

  • Improve Active Directory auto-rejoin (NAS-105853)

  • Merge FreeBSD patches and update FreeNAS Kernel to 11.3-RELEASE-p8 (NAS-105837)

  • Improvements to the alert system (NAS-105785, NAS-105792, NAS-105833, NAS-105876, NAS-105715, NAS-105684, NAS-105664, NAS-105660)

  • Make fstab handling for Jail mount points more robust (NAS-105735)

  • Temperature reporting fallback for drives on a SCSI HBA (NAS-105656)

  • SMB sharing improvements (NAS-105395, NAS-105443, NAS-105443, NAS-105445, NAS-105951, NAS-105578, NAS-105703, NAS-105833, NAS-105835, NAS-105911, NAS-106049, NAS-106047)

The Jira FreeNAS 11.3-U3 issue tracker has a full list of changes included in this release: Jira FreeNAS 11.3-U3 issue tracker.