February 18, 2020

The FreeNAS development team is pleased to announce the availability of the eighth update to FreeNAS 11.2. This is primarily a bug fix release to address some remaining issues in the 11.2-STABLE train, and prepare FreeNAS users for an important incoming change to AD/LDAP connectivity when using Microsoft Windows.

Users of 11.2 systems are encouraged to update to 11.2-U8 using the instructions in the Guide.

Known Impacts The default ACL on new ‘Windows’ datasets was changed from:




This means that world is no longer being granted read privileges by default on newly created SMB shares. If you need to add “read” to “world” on a newly-created dataset, you can run the command:

setfacl -m everyone@:rxaRc:fd:allow /mnt/path/to/dataset

Known Issues

The hubiC cloud service has suspended creation of new accounts.

The Mega cloud service is currently broken. The new version of rclone which fixes this is available in 11.3.

As an edge case, if you install another instance of an already installed plugin and that plugin installation fails, the cleanup from the failure will also delete the dataset for the first installation of that plugin. As a workaround until this is fixed in 11.3, it is recommended that users wanting to install another version of an installed plugin perform the installation from the CLI, using the -k switch:

iocage fetch -P -n PLUGIN_NAME -k RESTOFPARAMS

Notable Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Add support for LDAP channel binding, fixing issues with upcoming Microsoft Changes to Windows. [NAS-104768]
  • Fixes to memory leaks when using SNMPD [NAS-103957]
  • Fix a kernel panic in L2ARC prefetch failure [NAS-100932]
  • Fix an issue with collectd spamming system logs [NAS-104580]
  • View all 49 fixed issues at our Fixed Issues page.

Tickets can be viewed at our Open Issues page.