February 20, 2018

The FreeNAS development team is pleased to announce the availability of the second update to FreeNAS 11.1. This update release fixes a number of bugs. Users are encouraged to update using the instructions in the Guide.


  • 26994 Bug Add zfs_space and zfsacl as default modules to VFS objects
  • 27334 Bug Pass SNMP Auxiliary parameters values to running configuration
  • 27516 Bug Only run savecore in unused partitions
  • 27534 Bug Fix iocage traceback when configuration is missing
  • 27674 Bug Fix race condition in aac(4) driver
  • 27758 Bug Add 1920×1200 and 1600×1200 to VNC resolution list
  • 27795 Bug Remove dead link to pcbsd.org in “Upload Plugin” UI dialog
  • 27811 Bug Update Midnight Commander to 4.8.20
  • 27834 Bug Fix the attachment of boot mirror devices
  • 27860 Bug Display proper error message when mirroring boot device fails due to target device size being too small
  • 27861 Bug Return an error when the downloaded RancherOS image has a checksum problem
  • 27863 Feature Add -B to freenas-debug to dump the configuration database to a text file
  • 27874 Bug Bump the copyright year in the old UI
  • 27885 Bug Allow VM Network Interface to use an MTU over 1500
  • 27888 Bug Fix ix-inadyn not being called on service update
  • 27906 Bug Remove System Update from Console Menu
  • 27924 Bug Be more strict about nfsd virtual host names
  • 27930 Bug Fix erroneous “Not ran since boot” message when replication task deleted
  • 27971 Feature Add Sync option to Create Dataset and Create zvol
  • 28021 Feature Add NTP info and per-process memory usage to system output of freenas-debug
  • 28035 Bug Add APIs to restart-httpd and restart-httpd-all
  • 28115 Bug Remove 1280×960 from VNC resolution list
  • 28127 Bug Enable providing afpstats via D-Bus interface
  • 28133 Bug Fix error that prevented proper deletion of boot environment
  • 28187 Bug Send email notification when a new update is available
  • 28201 Bug Fix queue length reporting in mps(4) and mpr(4)
  • 28210 Bug Run boot.attach as a job
  • 28230 Bug Don’t recreate grub.cfg everytime a Docker VM is launched
  • 28235 Bug Bump default number of chain frames for mps(4) and mpr(4)
  • 28247 Bug Set the default value of scrub delay to 4 and resilver delay to 2
  • 28369 Bug If system has a serial number, display it in System -> Information
  • 28377 Bug Update ixl(4) driver
  • 28383 Bug Use the default route interface for the auto-created NIC VM
  • 28400 Bug Workaround to start smartd when there is NVMe present
  • 28413 Bug Spelling fixes for netcli
  • 28462 Bug When changing the MTU of a LAGG, use the lowest value supported by all LAGG members
  • 28491 Bug Fix regression in Samba xattr handling
  • 28505 Bug Fix submitting tickets through Support tab
  • 28512 Bug Update DDNS screenshot and text in Guide
  • 28518 Bug Set permissions correctly on user’s home directory

Tickets can be viewed at the iXsystems & FreeNAS Redmine page.