12.0-BETA2 Releases

TrueNAS Quality Lifecycle

Release StageCompleted QA CyclesTypical UseDescription
ALPHA1TestersNot much field testing
BETA2EnthusiastsMajor Feature Complete, but expect some bugs
RC4Home UsersSuitable for non-critical deployments
RELEASE6General UseSuitable for less complex deployments
U17Business UseSuitable for more complex deployments
U2+8Larger SystemsSuitable for higher uptime deployments


27 August 2020

TrueNAS 12.0-BETA2.1 is a hotpatch release to fix a ZFS permissions issue that affects the base FreeBSD OS (NAS-107270). 12.0-BETA2 users are encouraged to update to BETA2.1 as soon as possible.

CVE-2020-24716 and CVE-2020-24717


11 August 2020

iXsystems is pleased to announce the general availability of TrueNAS 12.0-BETA2! This is the second beta version of the unified FreeNAS and TrueNAS release, renamed to TrueNAS CORE and TrueNAS Enterprise, respectively. More than 175 bugs have been fixed in this release, representing a significant step toward the full TrueNAS 12.0-Release.

TrueNAS 12.0

The TrueNAS 12.0 release is a major new update to the TrueNAS family of storage products. TrueNAS CORE is the successor to FreeNAS, which is still fully open-source and offering the same functionality and more features than ever before. Included in version 12 are major changes to ZFS filesystem, bringing all the features of ZFS on Linux (ZoL) into the upcoming OpenZFS 2.0 release. Additionally, version 12 includes these major changes:

  • ZFS Native Crypto - Per dataset encryption and support for encrypted replication to untrusted targets.

  • 2 Factor Authentication - Allows using Applications such as “Google Authenticator” to provide an extra level of security before logging into the UI or SSH access.

  • KMIP Support - TrueNAS Enterprise now adds the ability to interface with KMIP servers for the storage and retrieval of passwords and encryption keys.

  • Performance Improvements - Virtually every area of the platform has been updated and includes some major performance improvements, including SMB, iSCSI, ZFS and more.

  • API Keys - All of TrueNAS can be configured with TrueNAS API v2.0, and now supports keys for remote access. TrueNAS API v1.0 is no longer supported.

  • Fusion Pools - Allows creating pools with all-flash vdevs that store metadata and small-block IO. This provides flash-like performance on all metadata operations, but with the cost effectiveness of spinning disk for storage blocks.

  • VPN Support - Support for TrueNAS acting as both an OpenVPN Server and Client, depending on your VPN needs.

These major changes are also paired with numerous other bug fixes and quality-of-life type improvements to the UI and APIs for users. We’ve also revamped our Documentation, focusing more content on how to accomplish specific tasks, reducing the learning curve and time normally spent on deploying TrueNAS in a variety of storage environments.

Here is the full list of fixes and changes in 12.0-BETA2:

Bug Fixes

NAS-107140Expand api tests for user
NAS-107130Add test to verify builtin users are not smb users
NAS-107124Fix /etc/skel symlink
NAS-107115Newly created builtin users should not default to 'smb'
NAS-107107Clear any potential stale state after leaving AD domain
NAS-107100Do not run check_available in a tight loop in case an exception happens
NAS-107076Expand regression tests for user api
NAS-107074Permissions are incorrect on home directory move
NAS-107069Symlink /usr/share/skel to /etc/skel in FreeBSD
NAS-107067Fix chown of skel directory contents for new local users
NAS-107021Make failover faster by not doing failover.status_refresh when it's not necessary
NAS-107013Leftover debug message for acltype
NAS-107012Omit debug botocore module log
NAS-107011Add idmap regression tests for AD environments
NAS-107005Modified date of files copied to SMB share changesSMB
NAS-106998middlewared_truenas/plugins/enclosure.py AttributeError line 342Middleware
NAS-106993Reassign sys.{stdout,stderr} after log rollover
NAS-106986Add regression tests for SMB registry configuration
NAS-106978Add regression tests for AD machine account keytab generation
NAS-106966collectd: blank warning emails
NAS-106962Update zettarepl port
NAS-106959Enabling LZ4 encryption on a ZFS pool results in a "middlewared.schema.Error: [aclmode] Invalid choice: DISCARD" errorDocumentation
NAS-106953Improve validation for SMB service and shares
NAS-106948Recycle bin versioning not enabledMiddleware
NAS-106946AD faulted, no errorDirectory Services
NAS-106928zettarepl middlewared file descriptor leakMiddleware
NAS-106923traceback in ready_system_sync_keysMiddleware
NAS-106921Expand ACL testing regimen
NAS-106889traceback in failover event pluginMiddleware
NAS-106872Update py-libzfs port
NAS-106871Fix migrations state
NAS-106854plugin boot checkbox re-enables itselfWebUI
NAS-106850Correctly split on cases where there are multiple '='
NAS-106844KMIP is a TrueNAS Enterprise featureWebUI
NAS-106834Samba - s3:modules:smb_libzfs - fix caching bugs
NAS-106827Remove extra debug statements from directory service refresh
NAS-106825Update zettarepl port
NAS-106822Use path to determine plugin version
NAS-106812TrueNAS CORE 12.0 -- Import of certificates is impossible.Certificates, System
NAS-106808Ensure monpwd/monuser fields are provided for UPS service
NAS-106806Unknown CARP state NoneMiddleware
NAS-106800Retrieve plugins version data from packagesite.txz
NAS-106797Periodic Snapshot Tasks - "Enabled" checkboxes are not unique inputsSnapshot, Tasks
NAS-106796Unlock encrypted datasets when initialising KMIP keys
NAS-106795Modify migration to simplified SMB configuration setup
NAS-106787iSCSI webUI columns COMPLETELY break when editediSCSI, WebUI
NAS-106783Change default hostname to truenas
NAS-106770iocage upgrade of existing jail not functionalMiddleware
NAS-106768fix HA API testsAPI
NAS-106764SNMP FREENAS-MIB not workingServices
NAS-106749webUI states incorrect passphrase but they are correctWebUI
NAS-106748Traceback on user creationMiddleware
NAS-106747User page doing invalid sharing.smb.query callWebUI
NAS-106746Onboard NIC not loadingNetworking
NAS-106740Error when entering email address in UPS setup.WebUI
NAS-106734fix SCALE API for configuring networkMiddleware
NAS-106732adding or deleting alias on HA systems cause DISAGREE_CARP alertMiddleware
NAS-106730Update Samba to 4.12.5
NAS-106729Samba s3:smbd - add acl_brand to struct connection_struct
NAS-106728Fixes for pkg in latest 12-stable
NAS-106724Error when disk device to VM with sector size 4096
NAS-106723traceback when configuring an alias on HA systemsMiddleware
NAS-106722Update zettarepl port
NAS-106721deleting interface on HA system does not remove info from standbyMiddleware
NAS-106719service middlewared restart leaves orphaned processes behindMiddleware
NAS-106717Disable auto-rollback for vfs_tmprotect
NAS-106716Update migrate113 port
NAS-106714critical interfaces are being marked as non-criticalMiddleware
NAS-106713Cron job still runs despite being deactivated and then deletedTasks
NAS-106707falover -> failover
NAS-106706fix typo in hook_license_updateMiddleware
NAS-106703Ensure that permissions for tmp are correct during smb.configure
NAS-106702SMB shares mounted in Windows cannot set the sparse flag
NAS-106697We'll have to replicate system dataset if we want full replication
NAS-106694Samba:s3:modules:aio_fbsd - remove extra calloc()/free()
NAS-106692Fix VM console command
NAS-106691Update zettarepl port
NAS-106690Can't clear Kerberos Principal from GUIWebUI
NAS-106688Fix validation check for user quotas
NAS-106682Validation Error on creation of Manual SSH Connection for Replication TaskReplication
NAS-106672resilver progress not updatedDashboard
NAS-106671Inconsistency in pool health widgetsDashboard
NAS-106670Kernel panic in vmx/iflibOS, SMB
NAS-106665Browser cache issues cause tables to malfunctionWebUI
NAS-106653System → Advanced lacks syslog optionsWebUI
NAS-106648Make registry configuration aware of locked datasets
NAS-106642Fix TN HA NFS config validation
NAS-106641VM Console should use shell endpoint in middlewareWebUI
NAS-106639Fix traceback in ldap.conf generation script when AD enabled
NAS-106638Fix regression in winacl's chown()
NAS-106629Samba:s3:winbindd:idmap_ad fix null pointer dereferenceDirectory Services
NAS-106626Update zettarepl port
NAS-106620Prevent users from setting user / group quota on id 0
NAS-106613Always add server auth extension to default certificate created
NAS-106612CLONE - OpenVPN Service configuration issuesCertificates, Networking, Services
NAS-106611Don't log libvirt connection failure if there are no vm's
NAS-106601Rsync tasks should not alert as a task failure on non-fatal rsync warningsMiddleware
NAS-106598iscsi portal IP traceback in webUIMiddleware
NAS-106587disabling wsdd causes tracebackMiddleware
NAS-106585enclosure descriptor key not being parsed in alertMiddleware
NAS-106584Unable to access serial console for VM'sWebUI
NAS-106583FreeNAS disks forget their assigned poolZFS
NAS-106582unable to upgrade from master to internalMiddleware
NAS-106579Remove deprecated AD parameters
NAS-106575Fix 12 config upload
NAS-106569Static Route API not workingMiddleware
NAS-106547Changing DHCP to static with BPF enabled doesn't clear IP config completely.Plugins
NAS-106545All passwords are visible while unlocking datasetsWebUI
NAS-106541Cloud Sync to Backblaze B2 failsTasks
NAS-106530Donot create swap partition for TN enterprise on pool creation
NAS-106528Order datasets alphabetically in Storage screenWebUI
NAS-106527Change wording when we create zfs encrypted poolsWebUI
NAS-106520Fix product type on VM'sMiddleware
NAS-106497Recursive Replication via GUI not possibleReplication
NAS-106487Update logo in loader
NAS-106483Label "Overview" translate does not work in some widgets
NAS-106482NVMe reservation in fencedMiddleware
NAS-106455OpenVPN Service configuration issuesCertificates, Networking, Services
NAS-106452Invalid zfs send via libzfs leads to kernel panicZFS
NAS-106442locked dataset exported via nfsNFS
NAS-106429SyntaxWarning in installerInstallation
NAS-106390SSH error messages filling up console during ZFS replicationMiddleware
NAS-106381get rid of /tmp/failover.jsonMiddleware
NAS-106336ha_mode method is freeBSD specificMiddleware
NAS-106330Serial console for virtual machine is problemMiddleware
NAS-106181avahi-daemon spams logs on TN HA systemsOS
NAS-106004SED disks not unlocking at bootWebUI
NAS-105895bhyve fails when installing Win10Middleware
NAS-105882Bhyve unable to open zvolOS
NAS-105099Periodic Snapshot are missing the lifetime in its name

Known Issues

NAS-106959Activating LZ4 compression on a previously unencrypted storage pool that was created in a nightly build then upgraded to BETA1 can fail.When selecting the compression algorithm, also open the Advanced Options and set ACL Mode to Passthrough.
NAS-107151Replication fails between legacy TrueNAS 9.10 systems and 12.0-BETA1 systems.Due to numerous improvements in the replication engine and ZFS, FreeNAS/TrueNAS 9.10 systems (or earlier) can no longer replicate to or from TrueNAS 12.0. Update the legacy TrueNAS system to FreeNAS/TrueNAS 11.3 or newer.