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  1. H

    Can't access jail from the Internet

    Hello everyone, I recently reinstalled FreeNAS from scratch after my motherboard failed. I'm sure there were better options, but there wasn't much on the server other than my teamspeak server. While I was waiting for a replacement motherboard to show up I installed TS server on my Windows...
  2. W

    Iocage jail has no internet access with second NIC

    I'm on FreeNas 11.2 BETA2. I have a couple of Iocage jails. I want one of them on another subnet. So I have two NIC's both on a different subnet, by example: and I configured the jail to use the second NIC. I can access it of within the same subnet, but the jail itself...
  3. mhumm2

    SOLVED Does FreeNAS 9.3 Have Internet Access?

    I'm trying to create and configure a Jail for OpenVPN, but I'm not having any success. I went back to reading applicable posts and one member asked another, "Does FreeNAS have access to the internet?" Then he said, "Make sure you have BIND turned on." Okay, so I can I tell if my FreeNAS...
  4. P

    All my jails can't access to internet.

    Hello. I spend already several days to find the root cause and to fix this problem. I find out, that the resolv.conf does not contain the default IP4 gateway as the main FreeNAS installation. The content of the resolv.conf is # Generated by resolvconf nameserver fd00::ca0e:14ff:xxxx:xxxx...
  5. B

    Can't connect to the internet

    I had to change the IP address of my rig because it kept conflicting with another device.....and losing. But I think I made a mistake somewhere. I'm still able to access the web gui and I able to access my Plex jail locally. But I can't access Plex outside of my network. I also can't update...
  6. X

    Can't access plugin jail IP

    After having installed the plugin jail according to the guides, i have installed multiple plugins like SabNZBD, Couchpotato and SickBeard. The plugin service is configured to listen to: The FreeNAS itself is running on: My router has the following IP: The...
  7. M

    Nextcloud has no Internet

    Hello all! I've been reading the forums for quite a while and you guys have helped me on a few occasions to solve some issues. This time, I can't do it. I have read many threads about Nextcloud with no Internet but nothing similar to my problem. A friend helped me to install Nextcloud and it was...
  8. Jailer

    Jail IP change and no internet access

    Ok I need someone a lot smarter than me (not that it takes much) to help me figure out something with my jails and an IP change. What I'm trying to do is run pfsense on some old desktop hardware I have laying around. Getting that up and running and getting everything on my network communicating...
  9. danjb

    Can't ping jail over vpn connection but can ping from local network

    I'm running FreeNAS-9.10-STABLE-201606072003 on a machine with a single network card. FreeNAS has one jail on it for the Transmission plugin. I also have a separate machine running VirtualBox (single network card) and a set of virtual machines with bridged network addresses on the local network...
  10. guermantes

    Can I not lock down a jail from accessing the internet?

    Hi! Getting ready to install my first plugin, I read a lot about it, and came across a thread chastising the software in question for by default, and in secret, accepting anonymous access from the entire internet (this was not necessarily in a Freenas context, so I don't know how relevant it was...
  11. J

    Setup VPN in one of my jails, can't connect to internet.

    I followed this guide: Instead of performing the above steps in a transmission jail, I did it my sabnzbd jail. Everything seemed to work. However after restarting the jail, it appears that...
  12. Glorious1

    Can't access FreeNAS via wifi, only ethernet

    Yesterday and today I can't get to my FreeNAS via wifi as I usually do (i.e., laptop -> wifi -> router -> ethernet -> freenas). If I connect my laptop to the router with ethernet cable, it works fine. This applies to FreeNAS GUI, AFP access, SSH, everything. The laptop wifi works fine getting...
  13. Dopamin3

    SOLVED Another permissions error, jail can't write to a folder

    I feel like I'm close to fixing this but can't exactly figure out how. I tried applying some of the steps in [How-To] Giving Plugins Write Permissions to Your Data. Basically I'm on FreeNAS 11, under my storage tank I have two datasets- Plex and Transmission. Both are set for mhunter owner...
  14. L

    Can't get vnet option to work on Jails including plex

    Apparently for plex to work properly you have to have VNET enabled. And I just can't seem to get it to work. I've enabled VNET, and when I launch it I can ping the internet and everything but when I go to plex portal I can't see my plex server up. I try pinging the jail IP from my desktop and...
  15. J

    Implementing PIA VPN into Transmission jail.

    HI Everyone, I have done some research and I can't seem to find any up to date advice on Implementing PIA's (private internet access) VPN into Transmission jail. So far i've got Transmission up and running working 100% with CIFS, Media Browser and Couch Potato but I'd like to add my VPN for...
  16. thedeadzone

    Crashplan plugin can't login

    Installed the Crashplan plugin via pbi from the web interface. Enabled ssh into the jail and created port forwarding so I can connect to the headless client running in the Jail. Everything so far works. When I start the crashplan client now it connects to the headless client and gives me the...
  17. S

    Plex cannot connect to the internet

    I'm having a similar issue. I can't ping outside my local network. I had deleted an old jail and wanted to re-create it, but I have no access to the internet on it. Same result pinging I'm tempted to create an iocage jail to see if that works better.
  18. S

    New internet created some problems (plex and transmission)

    Hi In my old home I had freenas with plex and transmission running fairly pain free for maybe two years. But now I have moved into the woods and have a new 4G internet. The problem: Plex: The Plex server is running and is (kind of) functioning. I can access it from my iPhone and playing it on...
  19. pirateghost

    Cannot install plexpy - keep on getting "git: Command not found"

    Does your jail have internet access? It's telling you that it can't find a file located at that address. I'm confused why you continue to input commands even after the previous one failed...
  20. F

    Can't ping/resolve hostnames inside nextcloud plugin

    Hi there, I installed the Nextcloud plugin on my Freenas 11.2-RC2. It works, but whenever I need to initiate some communication from that jail to something on the internet, it can't either ping an ip or resolve a hostname. It does ping the router and other jails, but nothing outside. Other...
  21. G

    SOLVED Still can't ssh as root in my jail

    Hi everyone, So I searched around the internet and find various posts about "can't SSH in jails" but none seems to fix my problem : I'm setting up a minecraft server jail following this guide : On step...
  22. A

    How to access remotely Freenas SMB shares through a jail running an OpenVPN client service?

    Hi all I've been searching this point all day. I think I'm pretty close but I am missing something... Here is my situation My LAN is running : A modem connected to the Internet, with Internet IP XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX and LAN IP A VPN server on a Ubuntu Machine : LAN IP is
  23. N

    [How-To] ownCloud using NGINX, PHP-FPM, and MySQL

    I keep getting an Error 504 - Gatewy timeout when trying to access the 'apps' when logged in as admin. This seems to be a known error, I followed the instructions here on how to install Owncloud V7.00 so can't really see why I am getting this error. I do have proper Internet access - I loaded...
  24. S

    Help setting up a jail with a static IP (plugin installation)

    Very new to TrueNAS, and I'm enjoying it a lot so far. Certainly lots to learn...! The issue I'm facing is, when installing a plugin, I'm not sure which settings to configure to give it a static IP and let it access the internet. I imagine every plugin can be different, but I suspect the error...
  25. T


    Hooking it up to the internet is not really an option unfortunately. The only access I have is wireless tethering to my mobile phone. I may be wrong, but can't I add a pbi, upload it to freenas from another computer which does have the internet? I tried doing this yesterday but after it...
  26. W

    How to use Openvpn & ipfw in a jail so it only connects to the VPN

    It happened again.. went on today and no internet access and same messages when trying to reach out :S Restarting the jail through the GUI resolved the problem though but I can't keep doing this every day. Anyone ever seen this before?
  27. S

    Nextcloud has no Internet

    This is a difficult question to help resolve as it isn't very specific, and none of us has access to your jail. If it is an issue with updating your public IP, this isn't an issue that will go away without some configuration changes. Did your friend set you up with DDNS provider? How do you...
  28. B

    Plex (Version - FreeNAS 9.10.1, can't claim server, or get meta data

    Full disclosure, I'm fairly new to FreeNAS.. but I pick up quick so.. I have freenas up and running, I've made groups, users, I have access to my plex media storage folder through my network on my main pc. I can add media to the files, and plex can discover it. I've tried plex both from the...
  29. R

    LogitechMediaServer (LMS) on FreeNAS

    Hi, when I create my jail with that command (changed ip's to my setup ofc) I can't seem to connect to the internet. when I ping --> cannot resolve Host name lookup failure when I ping my router --> Host is down (I know that my router is not down because outside the jail i...
  30. S

    Static Route for Jail (Plex Plugin)

    Hi guys I'm a bit confused. I need to add a static route to my plexmediaserver jail so that it can answer connection from a VPN network correctly. So far I get no response when I try to connect to plex from VPN. I've already added a static route in freenas' gui, but that only allows me to...
  31. Jailer

    Plex cannot connect to the internet

    Start a new thread so your issue can be worked out.
  32. Moppen

    OpenVPN-Gateway (Router) in a Jail

    Hi there, until now I had this konfiguration on a Raspebbry Pi but I now wanted it to be in a jail for easier administration. But I can't get it working. Maybe someone could have a look at my configuration and tell me what I am doing wrong? OpenVPN is up and running, I have checked with "curl...
  33. Kingr_

    Plex Jail - Sanity Check Please

    Hello Freenas Forum, I've been struggling to install plex for a couple of weeks now. I have read most posts on this and the plex site to try and pinpoint what I am doing wrong. At this point, I am hoping someone can see where I'm screwing up. I WILL FIND A WAY TO BUY YOU A BEER VIA THE...
  34. K

    Problem accessing internet from JAIL over second nic and different subnet (DMZ)

    Dear all, I know this has been solved several times but there was no reasonable and working solution so far for me. Some Information: -> Xeon D Board, HyperV Host, FreeNAS-11.2-U5 VM, 2 nic (hn0 / hn1) -> Local subnet -> gateway / nameserver -> DMZ subnet...
  35. Joshua Parker Ruehlig

    [How-To] ownCloud using NGINX, PHP-FPM, and MySQL

    I hit the same issue and updated my timeout in HAProxy to >30s, though that wouldn't change in this guide. If you find the relevant timeout that needs to be changed please post it. I don't have time to test this currently.
  36. W

    How to use Openvpn & ipfw in a jail so it only connects to the VPN

    I thought that it means that the jail can access the internet? isn't that the whole point of the "ping and kill VPN" test which proves whether or not the firewall rules are working? Anyway, I thnk I may do as you suggest and nuke the jail. Do you know where the torrent files and...
  37. M

    Jail on dedicated network

    Sucess: I've got network connection from the jail. I can grab web pages. However, ping on the internet doens't work. Ping on the same subnet works. Maybe it's a router issue, although I've specifically enabled ICMP and it works for all other subnets. That's why I expected the jail config. I...
  38. TheBird956

    Plex cannot connect to the internet

    It worked fine before without port forwarding, my install is a few month old. The real problem is that the jail cannot connect to the internet at all. I cant get metadata, I cant download files with wget and I can't ping any IP outside of my local network.
  39. Glorious1

    How to use Openvpn & ipfw in a jail so it only connects to the VPN

    I don't understand why people focus on pinging from their transmission jail. That has no usefulness that I'm aware of. The only thing that matters to me is, can transmission access the internet. If not, I guess you would have to start determining if openvpn is going belly up, so the firewall...
  40. D

    Need jail permission help

    I'm a windows user and have not used this type of system before. I've been trying to move my Emby, NzbGet, Sonarr, Radarr installs to work for the past week without any success. I'm using TrueNas Core and have a working windows share with my entire library in place. Emby is working as...
  41. wraith

    SOLVED Can't Connect to Network from Windows 10 Pro VM

    Hi, I've recently created a Windows 10 Pro VM within my FreeNAS 11.2-U5 server. During the setup I was unable to connect to a network and completed it using the "I don't have access to internet" function. Now that I have the VM up and running I'm trying to figure out how to connect to a...
  42. Glorious1

    SOLVED OpenVPN can't set up TUN

    That problem is only when vnet is on. As noted, I have tons of network interfaces (or whatever they're called) when it is off, and can access the internet just fine. EDIT: But openvpn can't run apparently because it can't establish TUN. The output of that iocage jail settings command is in...
  43. M


    So I trying to create shadowsocks proxy on my network so i can access it when I am visiting china. It located on blue network which basically is my orange network so i have below configuration and also my configure in my shadowsock. I can't access the proxy when I am outside (Using my mobile...
  44. N

    Scripted installation of Nextcloud 21 in iocage jail

    Appreciate your workflow, unfortunately 1 week to late for me. My nextcloud jail broke after the upgrade to 12.2U3 and my backup wouldn't reinstall. I had to copy the files from the backup to the nextcloud files directory and then run the occ command to scan the files. Couldn't access the NC...
  45. thepixelgeek

    SOLVED Yet another lost connection to a jail GUI/IP. It's only 1 of 2 computers though. (Appears to be an eero mesh bridge issue)

    I haven't figured out why/when exactly, but occasionally I've noticed that my Windows computer loses connection to the jail web GUI. The jail is "up" I can access the GUI from other computers on the network I restarted the computer in question and reconnected it to the wifi I can connect to my...
  46. N

    alternative to freenas.. it's too hard

    I have almost no experince with plugins/jails, but from the little that I do know, I would suggest the following: If your system is not open to internet access or accessable to anyone who might hack you, TEMPORARILY change the permissions to 777. Allow wide open access to your media dataset...
  47. M

    ZeroTier in iocage jail won't work

    Hi all! Before the upgrade to 11.2 I used the FreeNAS gui to create warden based jails. Installing ZeroTier in them was rather simple: 1. Install ZeroTier 2. Run the service 3. Join your ZeroTier netwerk 4. Et voila! But now as I am trying to migrate all stuff I have in warden jails to iocage...
  48. B

    problem with transmission web gui

    i am running FreeNAS-8.3.1-RELEASE-p2-x86, i installed the plugins jail, transmission, minidnla and firefly, transmission is running, the only problem is that i can't access the web interface, i did set a login and password but when i connect to the transmission web interface it asks for a login...
  49. M

    Can't install a plugin on DHCP jail, only NAT

    Hi, I just finished building my DIY NAS with the following (reusing most of the stuff from my old build): * Ryzen 3600 * 8 GB DDR4 * Asus Prime B350M-A * Crucial MX200 256 GB SSD * 2 x 4 TB HDD * Antec HCG 520W * Fractal Node 804 * Connected to gigabit internet through ethernet I installed...
  50. D

    Forward FreeNAS port to jail?

    Hello, all. This is (hopefully) a quick question. I need to create a jail on a FreeNAS server, install a database on the jail, and then have that database be externally accessible. I feel like it ought to be possible to invoke some arcane ipfw command to accomplish this, but I can't figure it...