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TrueTool by TrueCharts 4.0.0

After many community requests, we've started working on a special tool to use some hidden features of TrueNAS SCALE: Bulk update, Automatic Update, Docker pruning, backups and restoring-backups

At the same time, we wanted to prevent users from accidentally update to a breaking change, for this reason we've customised our tool to fully respect semantic versioning. This means that out of the box, only minor (0.X.0) and patch (0.0.X) versions will be updated, as major (X.0.0) are defined as "breaking" in semantic versioning.
Ofcoarse this can be configured, as pleased. If you want to be safer, set it to "patch" and if you want to live dangerously, put it on "major".

This tool is primarily designed for TrueCharts Apps, as we are fully compliant with semantic versioning. Using it with other catalogs, might lead to inherent dataloss.

For this reason, we've also implemented to option to customise the tool to only run on a specific catalog.

For more instructions, see the github, TrueCharts website or our Discord :)
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Thanks a lot! This is exactly what we need.