Scripted Homeassistant Installation

Scripted Homeassistant Installation 05/31/2023

Scripted Installation of Homeassistant with Caddy with options to run behind a reverse proxy, self-signed cert, or completely independent and managing/renewing its own certs automatically using Caddy.

This script will create a jail, install homeassistant and caddy using a $FQDN of your choosing, and mount the data outside the jail. This makes it easy to rebuild the jail without losing your data. It will also acquire a valid Let’s Encrypt certificate and keep it renewed using Caddy.

Keep in mind that this is an unsupported installation, because of FreeBSD, but it will still work. Support will not be available officially.

Reinstall is supported without having to move or backup your data.

Credits go to @danb35 for his scripts, from which I built this script, and @tprelog for his RC Service Script.
This installation is basically the same as the plugin installation with the addition of automatically mounting the data outside the jail, and using caddy to manage certificates.

You will be prompted to copy a default configuration.yaml file, or to not copy it at the end of the script. It is a modified version of the standard one with a few exceptions.
- It is configured to allow caddy to reverse proxy
- default_config is disabled but it has all the default integrations except "bluetooth" and "stream" because these cause errors on FreeBSD

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