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EasyStore Drive Shucking like a pro ... by a pro

Excellent tips / strategy as not damaging the many little embedded fasteners is very difficult and a "tell" for WD to deny warranty coverage. I stored the "giblets" consisting of the USB-SATA interface, bumpers, LED light pipe, etc. in a sandwich bag alongside the cases (whose laser-etched serial # has to match that of the drive inside the case) in a tote with a expiration date on the outside.

After the warranty period ran out, I recycled the still-pristine cases and contents in the local trash pickup. However, I found a even better use for the innumerable power supplies by sending them to centerclick (, makers of the excellent NTP 200 server. He uses the same type 12VDC power supply.
Wish it had been originally published one week earlier, just before I dismantled a few casings…
It was published two years ago actually, for Black Friday 2020. However, when I went to post my Black Friday 2022 posting in the Deals section, I happened to notice that the link to the shuck article was only a standard forum thread, so I rejiggered it and posted it in the Resources. My apologies for the oversight. I know that there are a number of my older legacy articles posted before we had a Resources section that should exist in Resources as well, I've slowly been hunting these down and reposting them as Resources.